Prophetic Word Regarding Family – The Lord’s Plumbline is within our homes The war on the family is being won. – A Word by Christianna Schreifels

Christianna Schreifels served in over 25 nations as a short-term missionary with YWAM & other organizations over ten years. Since nine years of age, the Lord has given her dreams that have encouraged the body of Christ. She has been ministering in the prophetic for over 20 years & has witnessed many miracles of healing and provision in her lifetime. Christianna teaches classes about the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation & is presently teaching a class on healing & deliverance. She was mentored by many leaders of our day. Christianna desires to equip the saints in their prophetic callings on the solid foundation of the Word of God. Her passion is sharing the Gospel of Jesus ” 9. …….and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ; 10 to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,” in Ephesians Chapter 3.

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Prophetic Word Regarding Family – The Lord’s Plumbline is within our homes The war on the family is being won. – A Word by Christianna Schreifels

Christianna Schreifels

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The Lord’s Plumbline is within our homes- The war on the family is being won.

Beloved Saints this is timely.- I pray this prophetic vision and word encourage you today! Keep standing your ground and decreeing the Word of the Lord over your circumstances in your family.

On Saturday, September 25th, while praying on a global prayer line I had an open vision regarding family and a battle for the orphans and the fatherless.

During the prayer, I paused often, so I could speak as I was overcome by the emotion of what the Lord was showing me. He showed what He is doing for family’s and the orphan and the fatherless.

The vision was profound with a clear message-The Holy Spirit is saying the battle for the family is being won. This is not a time to back down or be distracted Beloved. The Lord’s kingdom is advancing victoriously in our marriages, family life, and children. He has¬†heard the cries of the orphans and fatherless.

We are answering the call to battle for these precious ones. God has never forgotten them. Lastly, the fathers will bring down the stronghold of the false ones in the high places. Only our Lord Jesus Christ is to be worshipped and man will know this.  Jesus is the King of kings.

The first scene- The cries of the Fathers

 I saw multitudes of men who knew the Lord or had come to faith in the Lord, crying out to the Lord. It was like a motion picture in full color and with amazing sound.

 I saw these men within their own space and time, individually.

¬†One man¬†cried out, ” Lord, can you hear me?- I need to know how to love my wife! I need your help!”¬† Another man cried out, ” Lord, I’m tired. I lost everything, please help me.”

A third man prayed in a loud voice, in a desperate¬†voice, as he looked up into the sky, ” Can you help me win my children back?”

The last man that prayed- “God, help me know you!” None of these men had a dry eye. All were at the end of a hard road and unaware they¬†were at the¬†beginning of a new one.

There were so many voices at once praying.¬†I heard their prayers, one at a time, being spoken by the men the Lord highlighted to me.¬†The men I saw were of every color, race, and adult-aged men. The Holy Spirit showed their state of vulnerability, and because of this- these men are mighty in the Lord. He said, “These are the Son’s of¬†God, my son’s.” Yes, Lord!

I continued to weep. I could sense the Lord’s great compassion for his sons. As I continued to intercede – the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance this scripture for these men-

Romans 8:1-2

1.” Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 2 For in Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set you free from the law of sin and death.”

The Lord is defending them to the accuser. They will triumph overall because they have placed their hope in the Lord. These sons of God are gaining strength as they wait upon the Lord as the scripture says. Though these men were tired and seemed helpless, the Lord is strengthening them to become like eagles. The family cannot be healed unless the Lord heals his sons.

Isaiah 40:31

“But they that wait upon the¬†Lord¬†shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.”

The next Scene- The Homecoming

I saw the multitudes of men returning to their homes or the homes where the wives, and ex-wives lived. The men knocked on doors. Some men stood and some knelt before their wives and asked for forgiveness for very specific things.

They asked for forgiveness because they abandoned their wives and children. Many even asked their children to forgive them. Some of the¬†men had asked their wives if they could come home. I also saw many, many white-haired men doing the same. The men’s ages spanned many decades.

Scene 3-  The women forgive and the children are comforted

Then there was a quick scene change and this next scene was focusing on a multitude of women. Similar to the 1st scene Рthese women were adults in age, of different races, and colors.  I saw these women in prayer as I did the men, in their own space and time, weeping- asking the Lord to forgive them for being embittered with unforgiveness towards the men in their life, particularly, husbands. There were also adult children in this scene. The children were nearby these mothers and were also of all ages.

In this scene, I saw fathers and mothers embracing their children. I heard deep wailing from the children. It didn’t matter how old they were. The wounds from their childhood had prevented their progress and hindered their blessings.¬†They were adults physically but their souls were stuck at the age when they became wounded from when the family broke. The children were being healed and the families went home together at the end of this scene. Some of these parents were very old fathers and mothers- they were also grandparents in this scene. All were weeping aloud. Each family member clinging to each other tightly.

The men who had taken new wives and the women who had new husbands- were willing to move forward without regret and there was forgiveness in their hearts. That part was very freeing as I too felt my soul was being healed from the effects of my own parent’s divorce. Praise Jesus!

I felt the Lord’s tangible presence. I could see the presence of God over these families.¬† The Lord’s glory had come upon them.

I felt the power of God’s grace over them. The dunamis power of God was flowing through these families. The new beginning begins in these families and God’s purpose would be accomplished as each family chose life instead of death.

Scene 4- The plumbline of the Lord came into the homes

The open vision changed and the focus became our homes.

The plumbline the Lord set into these homes were His holy standards. They were to be learned, taught, referenced, and above all,¬†lived by. To rebuild the structure of the family in these modern-day times, the Lord’s way is the only way it can take place.

In ancient times, the plumbline was used for the builder to ensure the building was perfectly aligned, straight up and down.

The Lord is giving us his standards to”align,” with and to “judge” our ways by. Amen. The scripture that is often referred to when it comes to the plumbline is in Amos 7: 7-8

“Thus He showed me, and behold, the Lord was standing by a vertical wall with a plumb line in His hand.

The Lord said to me, ‚ÄúWhat do you see, Amos?‚ÄĚ And I said, ‚ÄúA plumb line.‚ÄĚ Then the Lord said, ‚ÄúBehold I am about to put a plumb line in the midst of My people Israel. I will spare them no longer.”¬† ¬†God is certainly measuring, judging our homes right now. Many of us can testify to this.

The other scripture the Lord impressed on me was in Zechariah 4:10:

“For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see¬†the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.

‚ÄúThese seven¬†are the eyes of the¬†Lord,¬†which range through the whole earth.”

We must be cautious to not¬†discredit, despise the baby steps each person is taking in our families towards good. The steps of obedience each father, mother, and child takes are reverberating God’s glory and the future is forever changed for good. It looked like ripples in time but it wasn’t limited by it. I saw future generations no longer impacted by the familiar spirits that brought destruction to our families because our repentance and obedience dislodged these patterns. Amen Lord!

The old structures in the spiritual realm that dishonored the Lord were immediately destroyed by every act of obedience to God, small or big. Baby steps matter. This is why we cannot look down on the¬†inception of our choice to obey the Lord and forsake the patterns of disbelief. We can choose to remain encouraged by the Lord and encourage each other¬†too.¬†It is our heart’s posture that is impacting change and will impact every facet of society for the good as we persist to obey. The Lord is leading us into great victory despite the chaos we are facing in our world. The Lord is seeking to find the “ones” whose heart is right towards him and¬†he strengthening¬†us to do his will. We have to live embracing this biblical truth and rejoice in the fact that he seeks to find us on purpose so he can help us, always. Thank you, Jesus.

What impacted me most, was the depth of God’s unfathomable grace in this vision for His people. He is answering the cries of his people. He is holding the top of this plumbline and in doing so, the Lord is intimately invested, involved in his directing, guiding, & overseeing all the building going on down here in our families. He is pleased.

 He is providing his loving supervision because he knows we cannot do this without him. Think about the assurance and comfort the Lord brings us; to know we are never alone is phenomenal. Glory to you Lord.

4th Scene- The Battle Scene- the rescue of the fatherless and orphans

The scene changed to a battlefield. I was now seeing a multitude of horses running in the distance. As they came into view I saw an army of men & women with swords drawn, ready to strike their enemy down.

The warriors on horseback were the fathers and mothers I saw praying in the previous scenes. As they rode, their attention was on something at the far left of the battlefield. I looked closer and noticed their goal was to reach a group of children that were being harmed. These children were the orphans and the fatherless.

¬†There were terrible-looking beings with these children. The beings were human yet demonized. The demons dictated the humans’ behavior towards the children. I could see the demon that afflicted the tormentors more than I could define that they were human beings. It hurt to see this. It hurt to¬†see the children harmed and the tormentors lost and afflicted. The enemy’s camp was caught unaware as the army of fathers and mothers of the Lord struck these tormentors with their swords. Many evil ones fell to the ground and were utterly destroyed and many ran away to hide. The tormentors left, fled the scene, the parents tended to the wounds and needs of the children then put them on horseback and rode to safety.¬† The precious children were brought into the homes of these warriors of God and were adopted into these families. I was in awe of what God did.

The Last scene- The Father’s bring down those in the high places

In the last scene of this open vision – I saw a line of horses, there were hundreds.

 The line of the horseman was long and I could not see to the end of it. The fathers were on horseback and armed for battle. They had bows and arrows with them. They were strategically lined up on flat land, in front of a fortress that was high up. It was ancient.

In unison, the fathers raised their bows and arrows almost vertical to the sky. I was looking at what they were aiming at and there were evil men in the high places of this fortress. The¬†father’s released their arrows all at once and the wicked men fell from the high places of this fortress to the ground. Many died and some were mortally wounded and some survived. The shouts of joy and triumph were so loud and brought such joy to everyone there.

The sons of God won the battle- The sky that was once darkened was now lit by the sun breaking through the atmosphere. The Lord said the wicked worshipped the prince of the air and now the glory of the Lord broke through as His sons removed those seated in high places- the fortress represented the stronghold in the land. Then the vision ended.

In Psalm 68:1-6  God’s Enemies Are Scattered and He is the Father to the fatherless

1¬†God arises. His enemies are scattered,¬†and those who hate Him flee His presence. 2¬†As smoke is blown away,¬†You will drive them out;¬†as wax melts before the fire, the wicked will perish in the presence of God. 3 But the righteous will be glad and rejoice before God; they will celebrate with joy. 4 Sing to God! Sing praises to His name. Exalt Him who rides on the clouds,¬†His name is the LORD‚ÄĒand rejoice before Him. 5¬†A father of the fatherless,¬†and a defender of the widows,¬†is God in His holy habitation. 6¬†God settles the lonely in families;¬†He leads the prisoners out to prosperity,¬†but the rebellious dwell in a sun-scorched land.

I rejoice to report this vision as I hope you do too. Expect Beloved and prophesy what the Lord is saying over your family Church- the Lord is strengthening us, the chaos in the world is a tool for which we are being humbled. It is changing our focus onto our families.

The hope of children’s hearts is being restored. The foundations of the family are being restored. It is time for us to¬†rescue the orphans and settle the fatherless into our homes. Let’s drain the foster system. It is time. Know that the Lord is our fortress (Psalm 18:2)in times of trouble so we can go about our¬†Father’s business (Luke 2).¬† Saints, Keep interceding and do what the Lord is calling you to do now in regards to your family. The time to act is now!

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