Towina M. Jones is a Triumphant Kingdom Champion. She champions Christ, and as a result, wins in life. She is a published author and global speaker with an apostolic prophetic voice. Towina is a Life, Light, and Love Bearer who is in constant pursuit of the Father’s heart. Her life is marked by the grace and mercy of God. She is a perpetual Overcomer, with a multidimensional grace on her life. With authority and authenticity, Towina encourages, empowers, energizes, and equips others to live an elevated, liberated, and victorious Kingdom life, in and through Christ. Towina leads by example with love and a level head. She finds fulfillment in impacting and influencing others with grace, love, and truth. Towina is the Global Director of International Coalition of Apostolic Intercessors (ICOAI), which was founded by Dr. Brenda W. Colbert.

Prophetic Word: Take the Risk and Receive Relief! – A Word by Towina M. Jones

Towina M. Jones

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I want to talk to some people today who have been like the woman with the issue of blood. You’ve been hindered and hammered by your circumstances for a long time. You’ve been mistreated by those who should have helped you. You’ve lost money and time. You’ve been treated like an outcast and even looked and felt downcast.

Today, I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “TAKE THE RISK AND RECEIVE RELIEF!” I prophesy to you today that as you take the risk, your relief is being released to you. You’ve settled for suffering long enough. You’ve settled for your dignity and other things being stolen from you long enough. NOW is the time to TURN TO HIM and TOUCH HIM! I know it takes courage to press through the crowd. I also know that there is a blessing in the pressing when we are pursuing Him.

I exhort you to give up where you are so that you can cross over into where He has paid the full price for you to be. I am praying for your spiritual ears and eyes today. May they be unclogged and enlightened so that you can recognize the One who is in your midst and draw near unto Him. I am also praying for your courage today. Know that as you claim and call upon the courage that you need to step in His direction, He is overriding the troubles of your past with triumph. Listen, trouble DON’T last always!

Decide that today is your day and step out boldly in faith. His Spirit is hovering over you ready to release healing and wholeness unto you today. Take the risk! Turn to Him! Touch Him! Let Him pulverize whatever has been plaguing you! Oh, and let me be clear, the risk that I am referencing is not whether He is who He is or can do what only He can do. No, Beloved, the risk is are you able to keep BELIEVING while you are still BLEEDING! If you can, if you will, He will meet you at the very point of your reaching out to touch Him because He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Not only will He heal you, He will make you whole! Stretch out your hands and receive your release! His release is filled with relief! Position yourself to receive His release today!

“Jesus said to her, Daughter, you took a risk of faith, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed! Be healed of your plague.”

~ Mark 5:34 MSG

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