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Prophetic Word that God is Releasing Blessings! – A Word by Apostle Kathy DeGraw

Kathy DeGraw

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We are Kingdom citizens and not of this world. We don’t abide by this world’s economy and the natural things happening. Repeatedly, over the last four weeks, I’ve been hearing don’t look at the circumstances of this world. We are not of this world. Get your eyes off the natural. It is so strong in my heart and spirit. I can’t remember a time a word kept stirring inside me like this word. I’ve been hearing Him say there are multiple blessings in this season. They are already in the works and don’t look at your natural surroundings. He is a God that is not bound by this world. Live by faith, not by sight.

I’ve been in worship and prayer and while I’ve been preaching to my webchurch, I have been hearing and releasing prophetically that we are in a season of blessings. Yes, I said a season of blessings. God is releasing blessings, upon blessings, upon blessings. He continually says, “Don’t look at what is happening in the world.” He is so much greater than the world, and His plans are not as the world operates. God makes a way where there seems to be no way. He wants us to trust.

It doesn’t make sense in the natural, that this would be a season of blessings, but we are spirit, and we are to live by the Spirit. I am hesitant to release prosperity words, and I never do it unless I know. I think they are words that can be loosely released, but I have witnessed the manifestation of this word over the last four weeks by many of our church members and people in ministry receiving the blessings I have been prophesying. I have been amazed at the testimony of jobs coming forth from unemployed people for years who were looking for the right opportunity to go back into the workplace. I have seen ministry television opportunities manifesting for Christian speakers. It truly is a season of blessing.

I don’t believe this is just a prosperity blessing, but a blessing for ministry expansion. He is increasing your sphere of influence, giving you visibility. He will expand and open wide ministries so we can reach more people with the gospel message. As we enter the end times, it makes sense in the natural that He would give us expansion and increase so we can reach His harvest. It isn’t simply about blessing us. It is about providing us blessings so we can be of assistance to others.

God wants to give you hope. When the world says otherwise, God always has a plan. He wants us to get our eyes off the world’s economy and onto His. God wants to establish us with Kingdom-mindedness, not worldly thinking. He wants to show us He is above all things and beyond natural circumstances. He is a God who blesses. It is time we align our faith with His word. He is an abundant God who desires to give good gifts to His children.

As He releases these blessings, be in prayer. Guard and protect your prophecies and blessings, so the enemy doesn’t steal, kill and destroy. I was recently reminded as our prophetic words go forth in the spiritual and natural realm, so does warfare from the enemy. Pray, declare and call them forth to manifestation!

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