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Prophetic Insight

Prophetic Word: The Extreme Pressure Is Forcing Your Greatness – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Do you feel extreme pressure right now–pressure that feels like unimaginable stress most days? If so, I believe the Lord wants to speak to you today about the pressure you feel.

Here’s what I heard the Lord say:

“First, I want you to know that My heart goes out to you. I fully understand everything you have been thinking and feeling, for I walked that road Myself during My ministry on the earth. I understand the burden you feel, and I understand ALL of the hardship.

But I want you to know that I have solutions for you.

You are not without hope, and you are not without help. I am here to help you. I am with you always, even to the end of the age–and even to what you feel is the end of your rope.

Your rope is not ending, O you weary ones. Instead, I am birthing you.

Do you remember that I am carrying you? My Word reminds you that I am carrying you as a woman carries a baby in her womb. You are closer to Me than a baby is to its mother, for I am closer to you. I am in you, and you are in Me. You are not alone; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

You feel like things are hopeless, but look up! I am perfecting your faith.

You stepped out on radical promises from Me, but the going was harder than you thought it would be. You were so sure at the beginning, though, about exactly what My help would look like. However, you gave up and gave in when an easier solution presented itself.

I did not anoint the easy solution, though, and you soon discerned that.

It has been like the easy solution really didn’t help; like you were better off when things were hard. You have puzzled over this over and over, and you have hesitated to jump back into the fire of My tough solution. But recently, you have decided that the tough solution was for you, after all, because it was the only solution I have anointed.

My beloved, I am proud of you.

You feel like a failure, but you are not. This is the learning process. This is the birthing process. I am bringing you into a place you have not known before. I know it is hard, but it is necessary. Weep not. The things you think will kill you won’t be as hard as they seem AFTER YOU COMMIT TO THEM. It’s the wishy-washy process that is hard; not the carrying out of My plan.

So commit, beloved.

It’s fine to go slower than you thought you would go in this season. You put too much pressure on yourself, and all that pressure is NOT–again I say, NOT–from Me. Keeping your priorities in order will set the pace of your progress. You will find out what I mean as you re-organize your life based on your priorities. The ideas you have had lately for how to do this ARE from Me; you know they line up with My Word.

It is My will for you to prosper and be in health in all areas, just as your soul prospers.

It is key that you understand I care about your soul. I live in your spirit, but I care about your soul. Your mind must be at peace and rest in Me, and the only way for you to do that is to live by your priorities, rightly aligned with what My Word says. If you will do that, you will have peace knowing that You are obeying Me, even if life goes slower than you thought it would.

I am with you always, even to the end of the world … and I have commissioned you for this moment.

Remember that I am with you. I am carrying you, and I am birthing you into the world. Until now you have been hidden, but I choose the time and day of your revealing. You cannot work hard enough to make it happen. I and only I am in charge of the veil on your life, for it is a veil of My glory. 

Remember the days of old. Remember your first love and your first works. Remember how far I have brought you. You used to have nothing, but I have given you everything.

Do not despise the day of small beginnings, beloved.

Everything is small compared to Me. I am in the small things. I have greatness for you, though. The great things I have in mind for you cannot be described using the words of the earth. The great works I have created for you cannot be imagined using your natural mind. They are far beyond anything you could receive right now.

But I will bring you into them.

I will bring you into the things I have for you. Call unto Me, and I will answer You. I will show you and tell you about these things as time goes on. Ask Me to do these things in your life, for indeed I am bringing them to pass now.

The extreme pressure you feel is forcing your greatness.

I made you to reflect My glory on the earth. I made you to carry out great exploits and reveal My own greatness on the earth. I formed you to work miracles like I do–for people of the earth to see My glory carried on your life.

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That kind of destiny requires pressure to form. I am forming you like a diamond. It requires intense pressure and heat to form a diamond, and I must use similarly-intense pressure and heat to form you. 

This is something you asked for, though.

Only a few people on the earth have asked Me for this kind of formation process. On a scale of one to ten of influence, you have asked me for a twelve. Very few people have done that, and fewer still are willing to pay the price.

The circumstances you see around you right now are that price of the anointing you have asked Me for. Not the evil parts, but the pressure. The heat and pressure–the nights of contending–the constant squeezing you feel. These are a necessary part of the process it takes to give you a “12” level of influence.

Lean on Me through the pressure. It is the only way to get through this time.

You must lean on Me. Every day, moment by moment, even if each moment feels like an eternity. Rest in Me and lean on Me. Roll with the circumstances each day. Learn to pray every moment, but TRUST ME every moment too. Do everything you can to make sure your circumstances line up with My Word, and depend on Me to do the rest.

I am making all things new.

The new life I am birthing for you is almost here. Indeed, you have seen breakthrough after breakthrough, and those breakthroughs are signposts showing you that My plan is indeed coming to pass. Each breakthrough is like you are unloading a backpack of rocks from your body, soul, and spirit. I am doing so much for you, and all I am doing is an indicator that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH WITH ME.

So lean into Me. Rest in Me. Do what you can, but know that it’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit that things are done in your life. Only I can give you the refuge you seek. Only I can give you the rest you need. Only I can organize each of your days, moments, and hours for the utmost manifestation of My glory.

I want you to rest in Me right now.

REST and TRUST: those are your two mandates from Me for this hour. Allow Me to birth you. Stay faithful. Stay strong. Even when you don’t understand; when you feel fried; when you are tempted to wallow in self-pity–DON’T STOP RESTING IN AND TRUSTING ME.

I am with you always, even to the end of the world. Today is no different; I am with you. I see the situation surrounding you. I see how hopeless, helpless, and stressed-out you feel. 

But I am the Hospital your soul seeks.

Your soul needs respite, and I am that respite. Your soul needs peace, and I am your peace. Come near to get what you need. Seek Me. Seek My face. Allow Me to minister to you while you REST and TRUST.

I love you, child. You are Mine and I am holding you tightly. The pressure you are under is forcing your greatness. Stay still. Be strong in Me, and in the power of My might. You will like the end result.”

Wow. Thank You, Lord!

Jamie Rohrbaugh

Email: [email protected]

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