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Prophetic Word – The Lord is delivering His people from the spirit of fear – A Word by Kathy Degraw

I was in worship recently, and the Lord was speaking to me about fear and specifically about fear in the body of Christ. He led my church to a special time of intercession to release fear off of the lives of people around the world. There was a strong anointing as we were releasing this prayer of deliverance over Facebook and YouTube. The Lord was further revealing as people listened to the video and even those they shared it with would be supernaturally released of fear. I am believing the same to happen as you read this prophetic article releasing the spirit of fear off of your life.

People are kept in fear often because of shame. Shame does not allow them to release what they fear. They stay silent instead of releasing faith, in fear that they might be wrong, ridiculed or mocked. Jesus was mocked in His day, but still, he chose to follow His Father and release His faith.

Fear has kept the body of Christ in bondage for too long. The spirit of fear is a root behind every other stronghold we suffer with. Fear is a liar and a vain imagination, often causing a false scenario. Conquering fear first involves us removing the lie, repenting of any wrong thoughts we had, and any areas in which we do not trust our Heavenly Father.

The Lord is showing me how fear is like a spider web intertwined with so many other demonic strongholds and emotional ailments such as; mind-binding spirits, trauma, torment, emotional abuse, stress, anxiety, worry, and panic. Fear makes us paralyzed and ineffective in the spiritual realm. It is an unproductive and unfruitful emotion and demonic stronghold.

As I was in worship the other day, the Lord was having me release the spirit of fear from people’s lives. I could feel as we were praying and Jesus was supernaturally releasing people from fear that faith was being imparted into them. I could feel the presence of the Lord tangibly going into people with a strong impartation of faith. My body started to feel manifestations of the Spirit, confirming this impartation.

We serve a supernatural Father and His Son Jesus came to deliver us from a spirit of fear we just need to renew our minds and receive what the Lord has given. I was recently ministering to a young lady who struggles with a spirit of fear. I told her to come over, and I’d pray over her and cast fear out. She, too, experienced the Lord recently speaking to her during worship about fear. He told her fear is gone, now it is rooting out the thoughts and taking every thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). When fear has plagued us for so long it is a natural reaction to manifest fear. However, Jesus conquered fear, so we don’t have to suffer from it. We win the battle partly by us acknowledging and recognizing what is attempting to invade our souls.

Declare out these prayer declarations audibly to remove fear from your life:

·        I declare and decree I am set free from a spirit of fear.

·        I command fear, emotional trauma, anxiety, worry, and stress to go, in Jesus’ name.

·        I proclaim I am set free and I have a spirit of love and power, and not fear.

·        I have been given every good and perfect blessing. The Lord is working on my behalf.

·        I bind and rebuke the enemy and every attack of fear over my life, in Jesus’ name.

·        I believe and receive the supernatural deliverance Jesus wants to give me.

·        I accept the atoning finished work of the cross and call forth my complete deliverance.

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