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Prophetic Word: The Time for 20 Years Ago Is Now – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh is an international speaker whose passion is to see sons and daughters walk in the manifest presence of God. Jamie blogs for a global readership at (where she writes about prayer and the prophetic word), (focusing on Kingdom wealth and entrepreneurship), and (Spanish-language blog about the supernatural lifestyle). She is a frequent contributor to Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Prophetic Word: The Time for 20 Years Ago Is Now – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh

Beloved, have you been sensing some strange déjà vus lately? If so, today’s encouraging, prophetic word is for you.

I heard the Lord say today:

“I planted seeds in you 20 years ago that you could not handle at the time in anything other than seed form.

The seeds I planted were weighty and magnificent, but only I could see the size of the tree and of the fruit within them. Only I could see that I was planting seeds that would produce fruit larger than the biggest giant sequoia tree on earth! Only I could see that the seeds I was planting would bear fruit that would last for generation upon generation–all for My glory!

So I planted these seeds in you. You knew it when I did, but you thought it was harvest time. When the harvest did not come, you got discouraged and figured you must have been mistaken.

You know what, though?

You weren’t mistaken about your harvest. You were only mistaken about the timing.

You tried to get started right away when I implanted the seeds in your belly, but the timing was off. Nothing worked out, and even the vision you thought you had disappeared. It disappeared because it had not taken root yet, and you pulled it out of hiddenness and exposed it to more dryness than it could handle.

However, yo didn’t know, and I knew you didn’t realize what you had done.

It was all right for you to look at the seed; you are My child, and that’s what children do. But I was right beside you, and I planted the seed carefully back in the ground of your heart as soon as you were done looking at it. I covered it over in the depths of your heart to let it marinate and grow until the time was right.

Now, My child, the seed is sprouting, for I am calling it forth with My Word.

I have been watering this seed for years–watering it with My Word, My love, and My perfect sense of timing. All the conditions had to be right for this seed to spring up, and now I am bringing it forth.

It is not harvest time for this seed yet, but the harvest will happen very quickly.

I have brought this seed to light for such a time as this. I am releasing this seed into the earth so that you may more fully be a vessel of My glory. You were made for this, but the timing had to be right. The place had to be right as well. The environment had to be just so.

You do not see all the directions this seed will grow in your life as of yet, but I see them and am pleased. I am pleased with you! I trust you with My praise, with My glory, with My blessings! I see the magnificent fruit that will abound to your account, and I am proud of you!

I know it’s easy to get distracted, but help Me by watering this seed with your prayers and intercession.

The harvest will spring up quickly as I give the increase, but it will help Me move faster if you give Me permission to move in your life with your prayers. Work with Me by watering the sprout of the seed I planted within you, knowing that NOW is My timing for a yield.

You will see. Time will tell, but these times will not take long to tell My secrets.

I am with you always, My child. I love you and will never forsake you. I never forsake your dreams either, even when it has been 20 years since you last saw this dream. I and I alone see the end from the beginning, and all your days were written in My book when as yet there were none of them. 

Be still and see the salvation of the Lord.

This harvest is not for the faint of heart, but you will reap if you faint not. Pray and rest and believe Me to move, and I will. I am with you always, even to the end of the world.


Your loving Heavenly Father.

Thank You, Abba Father. I receive that, and I pray in Jesus’ name right now that YOU would bring the yield, the harvest, and the increase on this new sprout of this seed You have planted in us 20 years ago. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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