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Recently, one morning I was spending time with Lord and sitting in His presence when I suddenly heard, “Times of refreshing are coming.” I felt like this was not just a word for me but the Body of Christ. Many are weary from the warfare and battles of 2019,and wondering how they are going to step into the new. There’s a window of time right now in the spirit where the Lord is pouring out refreshing to His people to ready them for what’s next. One of the most vulnerable times for believers are times and seasons of transition. Often times the enemy will send in a sneak attack to delay or take us out. I was reminded of the story of the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 18 Elijah has just experienced his greatest victory on Mount Carmel defeating the prophets of Baal. In the next chapter in 1 Kings 19 Jezebel sends out a threat to Elijah on his journey to Mount Herob, the place where he would meet with the Lord. Like Elijah, the enemy will often come an attack us after our greatest victories and battles. His presence is a safeguard for surprise attacks.

The reason Elijah was so affected was because he was depleted from battle. His guard was down. When Elijah received the threat he had no defense because he had poured himself out. This threat normally wouldn’t affect him, but it did this time and nearly took him out because his guard was down. The enemy will often strike in our most vulnerable moments. In these moments and times of transition guard your ears, eyes, mind, spirit because the enemy will attack you with vain imaginations. The Lord told me January and into most of February would be a time to really sit with the Lord and allow Him to refresh you and strengthen you for the rest of 2020. If you don’t you will struggle to keep up with the intensity of the season. This season will require a greater stamina, fortitude, and perseverance You will have what you need as you learn to abide in him and not strive. Strength comes from the place of abiding..

The Lord led me to Jeremiah 31:25 where the Lord declares, “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” This is a promise and a realm of encounter the Lord desires to bring you into. Jesus is the well that never runs dry. Refreshing can be defined as to having the power to restore strength, revive, energy, to reinvigorate ( In this verse refresh in the Hebrew is male’ meaning to fill, be full, fullness, abundance.

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