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Prophetic Word: Undeniable Move of God; Vats of Heaven Overflowing! – A word by Emily-Rose Lewis

Emily-Rose Lewis is a prophetic speaker, author, and visionary with over 19 years of service in the Kingdom of God. She founded Emily-Rose Lewis Ministries in 2016 to bring healing and restoration to the body of Christ through teaching, coaching and prophesying. In 2019 Emily-Rose and her husband Dave launched Kingdom Living Ekklesia & Academy in Herndon, VA. Website:

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Prophetic Word: Undeniable Move of God; Vats of Heaven Overflowing! – A word by Emily-Rose Lewis

Emily-Rose Lewis

God is sending the later rains o water the parched places in the lives of His people. The dry and barren lands are about to spring forth with new life! I see a supernatural acceleration of earthly resources: money, buildings, helpers, mates, children, jobs, partners, and court rulings that have been being held back released at the midnight hour. Many are saying, “It’s too late for me. My fate has been sealed. God has not moved. I am not worthy. I can not carry the load any longer.”

The enemy would have you believe that you missed your boat, that the blessing of God has passed you over, and that His promises being fulfilled must be only for those other people. When God decides to bless, He is doing so out of His great love and mercy, not because we deserve it. What God has blessed, no man can curse (Num. 23:8)

Those that have been pressed in this past season are being filled with the oil of joy from the pressing. There are those that have obtained the costly oil, the oil that comes through humble surrender to the trials that God has ordained. The oil that these saints carry will cause others to press in to get near in an effort to experience the atmosphere of heaven that they carry.

God is honoring those that have honored Him in this season with promotion, provision, and newly authorized Kingdom assignments. God has noticed, and been pleased with those that have held tight to His promises regardless of how their circumstance looked, but what He is doing in this hour is coming through an undeniable move of mercy!

God is pouring out over the body of Christ far more than we deserve. He is giving to us what Christ deserves! We are His inheritance. He is rescuing us from a life of mediocrity for His name’s sake. He has called us ‘more than conquerers’ (Romans 8:37).’ In Christ, we have overcome! Overflowing resources; spiritual and natural are flowing to His people. He is sending abundant rain. The vats of heaven are overflowing with the provision and are being poured out to accomplish God’s work through God’s people.

The purpose for which you were created will not be thwarted! The Spirit of God is rising up within you to break you free from the bondage of despair and addiction, worry and regret. He has said FREEDOM is your portion this day. You are not a victim. You are a blood-bought, redeemed, child of the King.

I see a large mirror coming down through the clouds, surrounded by colored lights, coming closer for inspection. For those that are courageous enough to step forward and take a peek at their reflection in this heavenly reflector, they will see the beauty of His image there. They will recognize that they have indeed been made perfect in Christ. They will see themselves as they truly are in the splendor of His Glory, not as they have been belittled into believing.

God is answering the multitude of prayers that have been rising up to Him like a sweet aroma from the hearts and lips of His beloved saints, praying for an awakening, praying for a cleansing, and praying for revival to sweep the nations. He is causing dead, dry bones to come alive and awakening slumbering believers that have allowed their oil to go out in their weary waiting.

Walk away from the vanity and pride of life and enter into His sweet embrace. Step up to the mirror. Look intently into His Word until you begin to see Him as He is. He is bringing great clarity and revelation about His magnificent nature that will enhance how His people view themselves in the light of His glory. You are called to be a glory carrier in the earth. Glorify God by taking Him at His Word. Believe what He has said about Himself. Believe what He has said about you. God is moving through the earth and gathering His people under His wing. I hear in my Spirit, “Protected!’ ‘Covered!’ ‘Equipped!’ ‘Mine!’

I prophesy that you will experience God in immensely personal ways in this season as you give yourself over to the wind of His Spirit aligning you with heaven’s culture. You will be aware of the alternate, highly functional, and prosperous Kingdom realm in this hour of power like you have never experienced before. Prepare for the shift! Don’t miss it. Realignments may be uncomfortable for a moment but will open the formerly kinked cords to allow an almost unbearable level of awareness of the closeness of God to be your daily portion.

Hold on to your hats! The wind of His Spirit will help you to glide right into home base. He is positioning you with like-minded believers to create connected power grids across the earth. No power in heaven or earth will stop God’s strategic positioning in this season. International travel will begin again. Be ready people of God. Pour it all out. Roll up your sleeves. Like a slingshot, aiming for Goliath, are the body of Christ in this hour in the hands of Heavenly Father, filled with the Spirit of God, in perfect alignment, giants will be taken down.

God will get all the glory! All glory belongs to the Lord. All powers are subject to His word. Nothing can stand against our God. When He moves, nothing will block Him. He is sovereign over our individual lives and sovereign over all the world. He is Holy. What He is doing is for His name’s sake. Let the name of the Lord be magnified in all the earth!

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