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Prophetic Word – Windows of Opportunity Are Opening – A Word by Dr. Candice Smithyman

I hear the Lord saying, “This is a time of acceleration. Windows of opportunity are opening. Things are moving fast in the heavenly realms. New grain, new wine and new oil is coming from heaven.”

All of these things are beginning to come to pass during the Days of Awe because they fulfill the requirement found in Joel 2:15: “Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly.” We blew the trumpet and declared a holy fast. And we are returning to God in repentance and humility. So God is preparing to answer according to His promise in verse 19.

God is revealing our hearts and uncovering things that need to be changed. We need to be still and listen for His voice, come into agreement with Him and obey direction. Joel 2:18 show us that God was jealous and has pity on His people. That word jealous is not the sinful attitude that comes to mind. It represents God’s desires to spend time with us because of His deep love towards His creation. As a result of our confession and repentance, God has compassion on us. He opens up the vats of heaven and sends us new grain, new wine and new oil. This provision is exactly what you need for this year, 5780. The Hebrew character “Pey” is used to represent the number 80 and it means mouth. Now is the time to open up your mouth and declare the truth. Speak what you want to see happen. Speak what God reveals to your heart concerning His covenant with you. As you use your tongue to declare, you will start to see things come to fruition quickly.

Not only is this an exciting time, it is a call to action. We need to come to the Lord and confess in complete authenticity. Rend your heart unto the Lord. Repent, step away from the old things and put on the new. When we pursue more of God and less of us, we will see Joel 2:19 fulfilled. You see, the only way wine and oil are created is through a pressing out process. The pressing is similar to our confession and coming into alignment with God. This alignment or pressing brings new wine (new opportunities), new oil (new anointing on your life) and new grain (revelation and increase from heaven).

Remember, God is establishing His covenant with you. He has given you new anointing and new opportunities. Open your mouth and declare the Word. He has given you heavenly provisions that will sustain, accelerate and move you into your destiny. God is pleased by your response.

Dr. Candice Smithyman

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