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Prophetic Word: You Win Big – A Word by Emily-Rose Lewis


You may feel like you have had one bad break after the other in your life. Maybe your childhood was riddled with trauma, rejection or poverty. Maybe you’ve had a spouse walk out on you, a business go under, a child turn away from you, or have struggled in an addiction that you can’t seem to get free from.

The Lord says to you today, ‘Look up; stop looking back. Do not compare what is in your life today against anything but My promises. Today is a new day. What others may see as a set back or tragedy, I see as an opportunity to bring justice in your life. If you will stay in faith, refusing to blame me for evil, rejecting a bad and bitter attitude of defeat and discouragement, there is a turn around with your name on it. There are PRESENTS for you in My PRESENCE.

Come to Me. Cling to Me. Do not hesitate to remind me of the promises I have given you in My Word, not with a haughty, distrustful spirit but with confidence and joy because you believe that I am good, on your side and a God of justice.

Walk with Me. Follow My ways and My promptings. Forgive and release in love all of those that have hurt you. Do good to those that least deserve it, even to those that have caused you harm. In doing so you release the angels of abundant harvest into the fields of your life.

You WILL reap what you have sown. To those that have sown seeds of generosity and love in obedience that are still waiting for a harvest I say, you have entered a season of reaping. You will see My salvation on your behalf in accelerated measures as you put your hope in Me alone and allow Me to decide the when, where, who, how and what of your pay day.

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You win. It does not matter who around you has seemed to get ahead while you languish on the side lines wondering when it will be your turn to win. The motives of your heart have been proven through the testing. I look to see who will grow, learn, trust, wait, cling, sow, give and relinquish control. To these I am pouring out My provision. To those I can trust to feed My sheep, the season of abundant provisioning has arrived.

To those that have been in a state of self-pity, blaming Me, blaming others and refusing to trust in My goodness because of hopes long deferred, I say, rise up and join the remnant of the faithful few that will not be shaken by what their eyes have seen. Rise up and shake off the shackles of defeat. Begin today to fight to enter into My rest and into the inheritance I have stored up for all who serve Me in Spirit and in truth. I will refine and bless you. I will accelerate the harvest of the seed you begin to plant this day. I am a God that pays the same wage to the worker that comes in the morning, noon or night. Come to Me. Taste and see that I am good and I am a rewarded of those that diligently seek Me.

You win! You win BIG! You win supernaturally, even with the odds stacked against you. Believe Me and not any reality that has yet to bend to this TRUTH. By My Word, by your faith, your reality must bow.

Emily-Rose Lewis

Emily-Rose Lewis Ministries