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Prophetic Word: Your Season Of Weeping Is Over – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh is an international speaker whose passion is to see sons and daughters walk in the manifest presence of God. Jamie blogs for a global readership at (where she writes about prayer and the prophetic word), (focusing on Kingdom wealth and entrepreneurship), and (Spanish-language blog about the supernatural lifestyle). She is a frequent contributor to Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Prophetic Word: Your Season Of Weeping Is Over – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh

Email: [email protected]

Beloved, have you been in a season of growth, where you’ve been enduring pain and growing through it?

If so, I heard the Father say to you today:

“Your season of weeping is over!

I have not caused the things which have caused you to weep, but I am here to tell you today that you have come so far in Me that you are now entering into the joy of the Lord! O My beloved child, you have learned to trust Me more than you ever have before during this season. You have learned to rely on Me. And now, you are learning to rest in Me.

With My rest comes My joy. With My rest comes My patience. Did I not say, “Be patient … for the coming of the Lord?” I said it in James 5:8, ‘You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.’ 

Well, My beloved, in this season of rest you have learned that time is your friend; that patience is a virtue; that My timing is not always your timing; but that all things will happen that you have requested in time.

And My child, you are now entering into My joy.

I have enlarged and lengthened your perspective. I know you do not always understand, but you have learned to trust Me and know that I do what is best for you. You have seen firsthand that I do answer prayer, even if I take longer to give you what you want than you wanted Me to.

But My beloved, I see all things and know all things. I know what is best for you, even when it comes to timing. And I am working on your behalf, even when you think I am being slow.

But My friend, you who keep My commandments: you have grown so much in Me that these things are no longer odious to you.

I know you want all things now, but you have learned to trust Me. I know you earnestly desire Me to accomplish certain things on your behalf, but you are leaning on Me and relying on Me to an extent that you never have before. And that is why I say that the time of your joy is now!

My beloved, you have learned to find joy in Me, and in My Son Jesus.

Because you have reached that place of finding joy in Me and in My Son Jesus, you will never lack for joy. Think of it: you can always be happy in Me! Even in the place in which times are hard, you can still be fulfilled, RELAXED, and trusting in Me–for I alone sustain you.

You have reached the time of your joy and rest.

Think not that this season will be grueling; it will not be. I have removed the burden from your shoulders and your hands from the basket. I have taken you out of the place of slavery and brought you into the place of sonship. You are now Mine, and I am making you into My jewel.

So come unto Me. Allow Me to give you rest, joy, and peace the likes of which you have never experienced before!

I am ready to perfect all things that concern you; I am already working on it and many things will manifest to you soon. You have labored so long and so faithfully, and I the Lord have not failed to take notice! Oh, do not be weary in well doing, for it IS the due season and YOU WILL REAP if you faint not

My child, it is time to strengthen those hands which hang down. Return unto My praise. It is time to go back to the feeble knees, for your prayers are mighty in Me even when it doesn’t feel like I am doing anything.

Ask Me to show you the answers to your prayers today.

I want to show you what I am doing. Did I not show My Son Jesus all things I said and did, so He could relay these things to you on the earth? Indeed, I did. And now I want to show you, for you are in My Son Jesus and He is in Me, so through My Son Jesus you have a front-row seat to everything I say and do.

Ask Me to show you what I am doing. Ask Me to help you see what I see and hear what I am saying. Pray for ears to hear and eyes to see. Pray that your nose will smell the fragrance of My incense and anointing.

Pray also that I would be glorified in you.

It is My will to glorify My own name in you and in everything you say and do. Ask Me to get glory in your life, and I will! I will display Myself so suddenly that you will be astounded; I say it again, you will be astounded!

My child, I love you with an everlasting love. 

My love for you is deep, and it is wider than the universe. My love for you has no limits. And, it is My good pleasure to give you My Kingdom.

Think not that I am holding back on you; I am preparing things for your best and highest and greatest to come at the right time, and all My delays are part of your best.

Trust Me. I am much more merciful than you give Me credit for.

I love you, My child. I am taking care of you. Never forget it, and never forget that I am with you always, even to the end of the world.

Love, Papa.”

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