Deborah Perkins
In September 2019, I set aside some time for an extended prayer retreat. As I asked the Lord for His heart concerning the coming New Year 2020 / Jewish Year 5780, I saw a woman in travail, about to give birth: she had nurtured the seed that was growing and expanding within her, and now the time of birth had come! As she opened her mouth she was compelled to cry out in travail. 
I heard the Lord say: “That cry will be the sign of new life coming forth in a new era. So great and passionate will be the shout that the world will focus on the cry; yet the lovers of God will see the baby that emerges, fully equipped, from the womb of the woman. 
For My Bride is full of godly seed and recognizes that her time has come. Shall I bring a baby to the point of birth and not give delivery? (Isaiah 66:9
You will see the fruits of your labor as you make declarations in the Spirit, decreeing the new things I have prepared for My Kingdom! 
And they are beautiful things! The ministries birthed in this season will be as varied as the warriors themselves. DIVERSITY will be a theme in My Kingdom, yet not diversity for diversity’s sake! No, the differences among people and ministries will only highlight My beauty and My diversity. 
For one will say, ‘I did not know God looked like that!’ And another, ‘I did not know God could do that!’ And the world will wonder that a God who seems in such opposition to them could actually be so much like them in some ways, welcoming what is unusual and celebrating diversity!
In this midst of this diversity will be a unity so strong, even those who have labored for unity will be amazed. You will not have to strive for unity, with all the discomforts of laying aside personal agendas and dreams, in order to connect to those unlike you. No; instead, an innate unity in the Spirit will break out and be birthed in this hour. It will be unusual and unforced. 
The new “children” born of the Spirit will not see black and white, male and female or any other differences; they will operate in ONE Spirit. It will not be their common interests in the flesh but their unity in the Spirit that will sustain them. Like those who built the tower of Babel, these newly-birthed ministries will walk in a higher purpose with clearer communication, accomplishing My will for this time. 
One new ministry will see the horrors of Hollywood as a challenge to take on, leaving the masters of deception dumbfounded with their godly emphasis on signs and wonders. What they release by My Spirit will be completely irreproducible and the cameras will turn from the fake to the real as these unstoppable ones “wow” their audiences. They will not do this for fame or money but for the glory of God! I will release a power in that arena that is unknown to man, and unable to be duplicated as it was in Moses’ time. 
While the world focuses on media and television, I am releasing books by the thousands around the world, a “sleight of hand” which, when realized, will cause a stir. Publishing will be seen as more potent than producing, and the expansion of My Word around the globe will surprise those who thought the printed word was dead! When technology fails these printed words will have power AND position, having been secretly deposited in places around the world while no one was watching.
Healing ministries will multiply as believers tap into the power of this Word: ‘I am Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals you!’ No longer will I allow the enemy to have the upper hand in destroying My saints, but I will come to their aid with Spirit-infused “rhema” words that will set the captives free. 
Large-scale, mass healings will begin to take place THIS YEAR. Those called will wave their hands over auditoriums and see healing manifest throughout. Buckets of healing oil will be poured out by the angels over mass gatherings of people who desire only to worship Me.
With these healings will come a release of faith, miracles, and more healings. Young people will be so touched by the power of My Spirit that they will surrender their lives on the spot to follow Me in these accelerated ministries of unity! They will form partnerships with each other at the speed of the Spirit: quickly merging together to accomplish the next wave of revival that is on My agenda. Moving in the Spirit will not be foreign to them because they have been born and brought up in such a mode. The struggle that those who went before them endured will not be present for these youths, for they will be willing to accept at face value what I release, without question. Why? Because they will know it is real. AUTHENTICITY will win their hearts, and I am an authentic and honorable friend to them! 
Faith is rising up in the hearts of prophets and intercessors because the time is near for these things to come to pass. What you have dreamed will now become a reality! Be ready to assist in the laboring, birthing, and early nurturing of this era. It is “all hands on deck!” You are on the cusp of this anointing and the role of the prophets will be as midwives (or doulas) in the Spirit. Those with prophetic gifts will both recognize and identify that which is being birthed at this time. 
As new ministries are launched, the prophets will declare: “It’s a boy! It’s a girl!” They will NAME these newly-birthed ministries. For My church is returning to her place of dominion and authority and the prophets and intercessors will have a role in defining and naming these new things. 
Look to the prophets for the definitions and descriptions of what you do not yet recognize, for they will “call it as they see it,” relying upon My Holy Spirit to define holy things. Those who listen to the prophets will build with the prophets; those who ignore or misname My cherished ones will suffer the consequences. 
TRUST  – You will need to trust in Me and in each other.
A TOWEL / A SERVANT’S HEART To cleanse and deliver new ministries, you will need a love that sees beyond the messiness.
A PLACE OF RIGHT ALIGNMENT – Safe places will be needed to position these new “babies” as they are coming to life. Right positioning and placement will come as you make the appropriate apostolic connections.
HONOR – Cultivate a healthy respect for the new life that is coming forth!”
In this new era and new season I will shift the Body of Christ out of a place of despair and distress, into a season of joy and great value. For I would again reveal to My Bride the value I place upon her: her love, her devotion, and her sacrifice (See Song of Songs Chapter 4). 
In previous seasons, My Bride was undervalued by man; the coming season will be an era of great glory, marked by a display of My favor upon My beloved one!
I will destroy the lies of the enemy about the condition of My Bride with the words of My mouth. My words will always take precedence! Every word of the Bridegroom from Song of Songs will become a declaration of love and an explosion of empowerment over you! 
Make ready your garments! Make yourself ready as a bride adorns herself for her husband, for so you will adorn yourself for Me! Let the love-truths of My Word demolish the hateful lies that your brothers and your enemy have spoken over you. 
Arise, My Beloved, and come into the full understanding of who you are and what you mean to Me! No more will I allow prior hurts to define you. No more will you speak of yourself as ‘dark’ or ‘damaged.’ For you will HEAR, and some will hear for the first time, the depth of My loving call to you, the sound of My voice and even the sound of My whispers! 
My whispers in the night will shatter invisible barriers with which the enemy has encircled you. You will no longer ‘hide behind the lattice,’ visible yet invisible, but will be released to come and follow after Me! All that has held you back in previous seasons is gone; a new day has come. ARISE, My love, and come away!”* 
“What you see, decree! What you decree you will see! Those who can boldly take their places beside Me in the throne room of glory will have the privilege of seeing what they decree in the Spirit come to pass on the earth. I want to co-labor with you to establish righteousness on earth and this will require you to boldly take your authority IN ME and use it for good! 
Your place of prayer is your place of battle, and you have the privilege of sitting with the greatest General who ever lived, to see and receive My strategies for this hour. As you decree them I will carry them out, for I have myriad troops at My disposal. The battle belongs to the Lord, but the secret strategies belong to the prophets.” 
We need prophets and prayer warriors more than ever this year! We need the overcoming declarations they are making in their prayer rooms to reverberate and resound across the earth. This is a year to stop fighting with natural methods and instead, use our intimate access to God’s Throne to employ His mighty warriors, the heavenly hosts! 
We need those who can step into their secret place with God and do damage to the enemy. Now is the time and this is the year to do so!
*In meditating on the Song of Songs, notice that the Shulamite Bride is at first so very aware of her “darkness,” and of her failure to tend her own vineyard. Although she is in love with her Bridegroom, she is very conscious of her sins and flaws, refusing to arise with Him as a joint heir and partner in His work. 
What changes? The loving Words of the Bridegroom move her from a place of reluctance to a place of obedience, increasing her joy!
In this new season, we will hear the words of our heavenly Bridegroom saying, “You are all fair, my love, and there is no spot in you!” The love-declarations of Jesus in this hour will set the Bride free!
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