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This year so far has truly been a time for the prophetic scribes to usher in new themes, language, and breaker revelation for the body of Christ. It has been both encouraging and catalytic to me personally, to feast on what is coming forth. At the beginning of the month, I had a series of dreams where the Lord was giving a warning about the spiritual assignment targeting the prophets to muzzle and derail them from their purpose to bring forth this revelation. I want to share what the Lord is saying, while also clearing the atmosphere and highlighting the crucial hour we are in so we can steward the revelation of heaven well.


In the first dream, I was at a social gathering when a man approached me very aggressively. As soon as he came close, I realized this was a demonic spirit, full of anger and frustration. As it gets close it says, “I am going to shut your mouth!” to which I replied indignantly that I would not be shutting my mouth. At this reply it begins to scream, “Shut your mouth, shut your mouth, stop opening your mouth!” I then walked away and got into my car and drove with the man in pursuit. In the dream, I began to feel stressed and turned onto the wrong road. The dream ends as I’m looking down at my GPS and it is saying “Wrong way, turn around!”.

In the second dream, I am in the library of heaven, which I have seen before and recognized. I am watching as books were flying off the shelves and being catapulted at the enemies buildings and structures in the distance. One after the other kept flying off the shelf until the enemies’ structures were completely brought to the ground.

The third dream was an audible dream where all throughout the night I heard the Lord say “Release your song. Don’t let anything steal your song!”


I woke up one morning in intercession mode sensing that God was calling me to pray but I felt so exhausted. I had a severe migraine and was barely able to move, pray, or maintain clarity at all, but I felt the urgency in my spirit to push through. Then a bible passage came to mind of David when he had returned to Ziklag with his mighty men and found everything had been taken by the Amalekites, including wives, and children.

It says that David’s men were so distraught that these normally loyal men were so heart-sick they wanted to kill their King! I felt that the name of this enemy had some insight as to the attack I was feeling. I discovered that the “Amalek” means “people that wring” implying spiritually that they twist and squeeze, causing a mental and emotional battle of sorts. That’s what I was feeling! When Moses lead the Israelites to defeat the Amalekites the bible says that his men needed to hold his arms up because when he lowered them the Israelites began losing the battle! Could it be that this nation represented a spiritual assignment sent to wear down Gods people, causing confusion, chaos, spiritual weariness, and slumber?

Moses raising his arms is a picture of raising our arms in worship in the middle of the battle. 1 Samuel 30:6 says that although David’s men were distraught, He strengthened himself in the Lord. This assignment has come to tire you out by distraction, confusion, and weariness so that you don’t enter into the secret place where you will conceive the revelation God wants to impart to you. In the secret place, you also OVERCOME and OVERRIDE the attack of the enemy that is trying to wear you down.


Since the beginning of the year, I have been very aware that the spirit is pregnant with revelation to be brought forth. The method or expression of that revelation is not always as relevant as long as it comes forth, unedited and purely from the person who receives it. Revelation is the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown and as it is brought forth it carries anointing to crack things wide open for the body of Christ. The war on revelation is an attempt to stunt the slip-stream of acceleration and momentum that we are currently in.

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I kept seeing a news headline scrolling saying “groundbreaking discovery” and I believe this points to the impact these revelations would release when revealed. Groundbreaking revelation is innovative and pioneering in nature and has the capability of changing how things are done, influencing how we move forward as a prophetic people. I believe God is releasing revelation that will be very reformational in nature. Meaning revelation that will literally shift the heart and minds of the body of Christ to see with FRESH & NEW eyes, bringing rejuvenation and a wave of mighty outpouring!


Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about a prophetic remnant that has been charged with a mandate to be guardians of purity for the body of Christ. This is one of the functions of the prophetic office. I believe this will emerge more and more in the days to come. The love of God will be the vehicle that brings redemption and repentance, not judgment and condemnation. When Holy Spirit was speaking to me about this I kept seeing a key in the spirit and then was reminded of this scripture;
“Write the following to the messenger of the congregation in Philadelphia, for these are the solemn words of the Holy One, the true one, who has David’s key, who opens doors that none can shut and who closes doors that none can open” Revelation 3:7

The key of David is one of authority to open and shut spiritual doors and realms. It is a revelation of our authority as a prophetic people but it also describes the very heart of the prophetic. David was a man after God’s own heart because he genuinely loved the Lord and had a heart after Gods own. When David saw Goliath taunting the people of Israel and mocking His God that he loved so much, it caused him to step up into action. David saw not only injustice but purity that was at stake and he became the conduit to see His nation vindicated.

We are in an hour where I believe God is charging His prophetic company to stand up and be guardians of truth, tearing down strongholds, threats, idols, and counterfeits that seek to taint the body of Christ and put her in bondage.

I had a vision recently of the state of California where an earthquake was shaking the ground. While it was causing alarm, it was also unearthing and unleashing some of the mightiest prophets I have ever seen. These were prophets who were mantled like Elijah with an anointing that was DISRUPTIVE to principalities that were causing regional and national injustice. Just as the enemy has been stirring a hornet’s nest to claim this state, it was causing these once tame prophets to awaken and swing their hammers of TRUTH & AWAKENING.

There is a movement arising from the golden state of Justice Carriers that will counteract the darkness and RESTORE the land. New songs will be written and sung as anthems over this land “California, California, this is your time of awakening and FRUITION of promise!”

This is an important kairos for revelators of all kinds of expressions to release the ground shaking, wall breaking, reformational revelation they are incubating. I want to encourage you to realize just how important what you carry really is and to charge you to keep nurturing and protecting it! Many revelators have felt like they have lost their steam and Momentum. But, as you begin to lean into His presence and raise your voice into the storm you will feel the mighty rush of the anointing come over you, the atmosphere of clutter will clear and you will take back ground!


These revelations are the very thoughts of Gods heart being poured upon the hungry hearts of His sons and daughters. They are water in the desert, fire to the chaff, and wind to the sails of a church moving with the Spirit into increase. Like arrows, these revelations have been fashioned and purposed to hit a specific mark and break open hard ground. You are a carrier of revelation and I prophesy that NOTHING will stop you from receiving and releasing what God has for you in this hour. It will hit the mark, it will be effective and it will echo throughout history in Jesus name!

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