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I released a prophetic word recently about an upgrade of vision coming for the prophets and greater encounters with the Lord and His Glory. This week I have had a reoccurring vision of many prophets facing a huge white looking fog and mist coming against them. The fog that is attempting to come against them is thick, it’s heavy, it is full of distraction and I saw two things very clearly.


I saw this incredibly heavy, thick, oppressive fog attempting to cloud what is important. It is attempting to create confusion and distraction, discouragement and haze upon the things that the Lord is decreeing is really important in this season. I saw the thief (John 10:10) standing in the midst of the fog. The intention of the enemy in this fog is to CLOUD and STEAL what the Lord is breathing upon right now. The assignments, the visions, the joy, the clarity, the revelation, the insight and the encounters upon the prophets. The enemy has brought this thick haze to cloud what the Lord is highlighting. As I was watching this vision the sense surrounded me SO strongly that there had to be “intentional opposing” by the prophets against this fog. Some were standing, and just standing their ground, not moving, waiting for the breakthrough, but the atmosphere around me decreed so loudly “MOVE! PUSH!” The sense in the atmosphere was SO strong that now is the TIME TO PUSH! I watched as the winds of the Spirit began to blow fiercely, and as the winds began to blow it awakened the WARRIOR within the prophets. I watched as the prophets began to PUSH hard against this fog. The fog was thick and at times it looked like many of these prophets were pushing against brick walls, it certainly felt like they were not gaining ground, they couldn’t see it, but I could see it. I could see as they PUSHED against this fog they were moving through it. Many of the prophets were so weary from the past season/s but the winds of the Holy Spirit were awakening the strength of the warrior within to rise up and to fight. The fog was not only to “cloud what’s important”, but to hinder “movement”. Where the FOG was landing and attacking was actually a very clear indicator of what the Lord was breathing upon and to not relinquish that place with inaction and complacency, but to PUSH THROUGH.


I also saw that this fog had its own “noise and winds” within it… and it was the noise of distraction, interference and almost a ‘static’. It was almost like “white noise” and the sound of a radio being between stations. This fog was bringing a TWISTING OF THE VISION, an INTERFERENCE of revelation and clarity and was bringing distraction after distraction to keep many prophets from the new pathways of strategy and empowerment of the Holy Spirit that the Lord has for them. There is an increase in the slipstream of anointing, grace and rest that the Lord is opening up for the prophets and the enemy is attempting to distract them from pressing through to move into that place. The enemy is attempting to steal strategy, but there is an incredible increase of CREATIVE STRATEGY upon the prophets right now.


Prophets of God, if you’re finding yourself in this fog or feeling the fog coming up against you, PUSH! Rise up as the warrior that you are and push against this fog. Keep chasing after the Lord, keep positioning yourself and remain intentional in your engagement with the Lord and what He spoke to you about this season.

For I watched as the prophets kept pushing and not retreating, as they kept moving, I saw the prophets moving through the FOG and into and through a portal dripping with heavenly oil. As the prophets made their way through I saw they had entered a whole new realm of encounter, revelation, strategy, and increase.

I heard the Holy Spirit whisper “On the other side of that fog was a significant increase of anointing and upgrade within your prophetic office.”

I heard the Scripture Psalm 23:5 over and over again as the prophets entered through this portal dripping with heavenly oil.

“You become my delicious feast even when my enemies dare to fight. You anoint me with the fragrance (oil) of the Holy Spirit; you give me all I can drink of you until my heart overflows.” (The Passion Translation)

The enemy in this fog has been screaming at many of the prophets everything opposite to what the Lord is saying.


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There is overflow, abundance, increase, blessing, revelation, clarity, provision upon you that is being released to you in this season, hence the enemy’s attacks. Your secret place with the Lord is about to ABOUND with greater fruit, revelation, life and encounter unlike you have experienced before.

HEAVENLY ENCOUNTERS – Many of the prophets in this fog have felt the enemy attempting to keep them “bound” or “chained” to natural circumstances or reality, but I decree in Jesus name, that there are heavenly encounters upon you unlike anything you have experienced before, where you shall see from heaven’s vantage point in a way you haven’t before.

DREAMS – Many of the prophets are experiencing “confusion” in their dreams and the enemy is attempting to “twist” and “confuse” revelation in the night hours, but I decree in Jesus name, that the FIRE OF GOD is falling upon your dream life to INCREASE the revelation and secrets of His heart that He shall share with you while you sleep. The clarity and furtherance of your vision as you sleep, is going to astound you. The Lord in this season is going to show you what is to come and His plans further into the future than you have ever seen.

WRITING – Many of the prophets are called to write more and in different ways in this season, and the enemy has come against the writing, but I decree in Jesus name, that the writing of the Lord will be dripping in such revelation, anointing and impartation for encounters that there will be a great harvest from your writing. I decree significant ACCELERATION upon your writing in this season. The enemy is trying to DELAY the writing, but the Lord is BREATHING ACCELERATION upon your writing in Jesus name. No more delay but fruitfulness and increase upon your words. (Isaiah 30:8)


“Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength” – Nehemiah 8:10

There has been a real attack on joy in the body of Christ lately, and the Lord showed me that many prophets have been in a place of grief. Many have been carrying grief and experiencing grief for different reasons, but I saw Nehemiah 8:10 exploding all around in manifestation.

There is a whole new explosion of JOY coming to the prophets. I saw the prophets of God coming into a whole new revelation and manifestation of the joy of the Lord being your strength. The grief that many prophets have been carrying in their hearts and tears that have been cried behind closed doors, I saw a fresh wave of JOY coming into the lives of prophets that is going to break heaviness. Joy in the Lord that is going to bring refreshing, relief, refreshing and a greater empowerment of strength and faith for all the Lord has called them to

Prophets of God, keep PUSHING! You’re almost through the fog!

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Call Forth Your Lazarus!

A Word by Dana Jarvis

The word of God is powerful. Nothing can stop, corner or prevent it. When God said, "Let there be light" there was light. When he spoke over Lazarus, the power of the grave could not resist his command when he said,

"Lazarus, Come Forth!"

Speak to your Lazarus to come forth. It may be dead, buried and stinking, but to him that believes, nothing shall be impossible. If Lazarus came forth, your situation can come forth, but first you must speak it forth with power. God said his word would not return void until it accomplished that which it was sent out to do.

Your situation may be powerful, but the Word of God is more powerful. The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword. When His Word goes forth it healed and delivered. It accomplished the mission for which it was sent to do.

Jesus said, "I Am the Resurrection and the Life!" The Resurrection is standing with you right now. He is giving you peace in the midst of your turbulence. He will calm you in the midst of pressures that threaten to swallow you. The King is with you, dry bones can live again. Tell everything dead and stinking in your life to come forth today. Speak to your Lazarus!

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