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Pursue, Overtake, Recover All


ShadowAs I was spending time with the Lord this morning, I heard Him speaking that many have had great losses and have been crying and mourning. There is a time for that, BUT, now is the time to encourage yourself in the Lord, and to pursue what He has for you!

David was at the bottom. His city Ziklag had been burned, and his wives, along with all the rest of the women and children, had been taken. His men spoke of stoning him. Yes, he was very distressed, but he purposely turned his thoughts to the Lord. He remembered the victories of the past that the Lord had given him and asked Him what to do. The Lord was faithful to tell him to PURSUE, OVERTAKE, and RECOVER ALL.  (I Samuel 30)

It may be that you have lost a loved one. You may not be able to bring him back, but God can heal your broken heart. Pursue HIM, then pursue the thief and destroyer, and rescue those that are held captive in sickness and disease. Use your former pain as a motivator.

It may be that you have not been healed after many years of seeking prayer. DON’T QUIT. Encourage yourself with the Word of God and pursue your healing.

This week, a woman contacted me who had been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. She had been going through deliverance for SIXTEEN YEARS with no results. SIXTEEN YEARS! She could not go on a date. She could not tolerate crowds. She rarely went out.

I prayed a simple prayer and commanded that to go, and for every hormone and chemical to come into the right balance. THAT NIGHT, she went out on a date with NO FEAR. She drove home on icy roads with NO FEAR. The next night, she went to a crowded restaurant and met friends with NO FEAR! Why now? I don’t know, but the point is that she DID NOT GIVE UP.

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Perhaps you used to minister healing, but discouragements came. Maybe you prayed for someone who died, so you quit. MY FRIEND, IT IS TIME TO GO FOR IT AGAIN!



Sherry Evans


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