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Rain Technology Will Come- A Word by Charlie Shamp


I heard the Lord say, “Can any understand the spreadings of the clouds in the
coming days? Do they know the balancings of the clouds, the wondrous works
of my hand which is perfect in knowledge? Can man lift up his voice to the
clouds so that abundance of waters may cover the nation’s of the earth? Can
he send lightnings that they may go across the sky and say to the storm
move this way? In the coming days I will rain this knowledge upon the
earth. Men will make small drops of water fall from the heavens to the
earth. New technology will cause water to pour down rain according to
satellites from above. With satellites in the heavens they will rearrange
clouds and rain will come down to water regions of the earth. They will
spot rain filled clouds and create a synergy to move them to drought ridden
regions. They will make commands and rain will fall upon the earth, even in
dry lands. The clouds will pour out water by command. The satellites in the
skies will send out a sound and the clouds will move abroad. Man will cover
the heavens with clouds and prepare rain for the earth. They will make
grass to grow upon the mountains and the dry fields. Regions that are
desperately in need because of drought will receive rain because the
satellites will redirect rain and cause atmospheric change. Lands that
never had a perfect crop season will see the beauty restored to the land.”

Again I heard the Lord say, “Get ready for a vast change in
transportation in the coming days. Can chariots run as fast as a jet
can fly? Can Chariots move like a whirlwind upon the earth? Can a train
move goods upon the earth as fast as a plane flies in the sky? Just as
there was an acceleration in communication with man across the earth so
too will there be an acceleration of transportation from one location
to another upon the earth.” I saw satellites controlling trains and
trucks in the coming days upon the earth. I saw trains that moved like
lightning with cargo in them. At first it was cargo then the momentum
of technology advanced for men to ride upon them as well. What took
hours before only took moments.

Charlie Shamp


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