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Remaining in Kingdom Current – A word by Sandi McGuire

Sandi McGuire

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The Lord began speaking to me yesterday about breaking out of patterns and expectations of others.

He said:
“If you get directions about your life from ten people you will be sent ten different ways, most of which aren’t My ways.”

Similar to the company Job kept, his friends had an opinion about his plight based on their own limitations, myopic vision and agendas. They totally misunderstood his situation as he was operating against the current and they themselves  were living kingdom deficient. Those fully operating outside “Kingdom” can’t comprehend its dynamics and have grown comfortable with living in the natural.

Some are happy as long as you fit into their box of safety controls. A confinement in which the Lord is never invited into, in fact God is placed in a back seat only to be called upon when something is needed. In this place of control and safety…faith isn’t required, it’s painless as you merely brush past and keep it well managed in places of challenge.

A believers place of Auto-Pilot if you will and most are living unaware of the confines in which we exist. Those who weren’t willing to pay the price are eventually going to pay a larger price, it’s the “Pay now or pay later.” concept. Isn’t it always costlier when we pay later?

In 2020 there will be a huge badal /separation that will divide the two kingdoms in order to draw His own back to Him and into a divine alignment.
(See Hebrew word

He reminded me the importance of remaining true to oneself and true to Him. Those who have paid the price of crushing and death to self will be promoted. As in the plight of Job eventually His truth did speak and the dynamics of Kingdom played out even greater than anyone imagined.

In the end the Lord had the last say and Job’s character was shown to be impeccable through and through.

I hope this challenges some, revives others  and validates those who’ve been willing to pay a high price for the great things which are ahead.  Stay true to yourself in Christ, it may be your going against a strong current but remember that kingdom is HIS current.

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