Remembering the Pain is Hard – A Word by Joel Yount

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Remembering the Pain is Hard – A Word by Joel Yount

Joel Yount

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Recently, I was reminded of difficult years growing up with severe skin problems. I went through what felt like a never ending case of severe acne that just never seemed to go away. I prayed and prayed. I changed my food intake to healthy eating and went to the Doctor and tried many treatments to get my skin clear. Why was it taking so long? Was God even hearing my prayers?

Time went on and my skin began to improve. I thank God for the big improvement I have seen over the years and would never want to revisit that time in my life. It was hard and painful. Severe skin problems like I had even affected my emotional well being.
The question is, why am I taking time to remember all this now?
Remembering the hard times in life can cause us to remember where God brought us from and thank Him as we look on the journey ahead of us. I would not have made it out of difficult seasons if it was not for the Lord.


Joel Yount

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