Review the Preview – A Word by Elaine Rice

Elaine is the proverbial gal next door, down to earth, but heavenly minded. She is married to her best friend, Jonathan, and they live in rural Pennsylvania.

First and foremost, Elaine rests in and enjoys her position as a daughter of the Most High God! She is also a prophetic voice, servant-leader, and teacher in the Body of Christ and her heart is to see people understand their identity in Christ and to mature as the sons and daughters of God.

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Review the Preview – A Word by Elaine Rice

Elaine Rice

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I usually review my journals and prophetic words for the current year around December and sometimes it goes into January. This is a regular habit I have as I like to see where the Lord has brought me from, and it often points to where I am going in the upcoming year. It’s a great time to reflect on the past year and it’s generally a very encouraging and rewarding exercise for me.

About a month ago the Holy Spirit started prompting me to review prophetic words I’d received from others as well as my personal journals. I thought this a bit strange but I’m learning to be quick(er) to be obedient. So, I asked where do I start? Immediately, I felt impressed in my heart to start with the year 2017 and read through to the present.

Usually, I am encouraged about reflecting on things the Lord has shared with me that I’ve written down. But as I read the personal prophetic words and my journals I began to feel a sadness or heaviness in my heart. It seems so much has been delayed, put on hold or simply had not come to pass.

As I closed the last journal I just sat quietly with the Lord. Times like this do not require verbal words. My heart speaks louder and more accurately than words and the Lord knows me better than I know myself! I’ve learned to simply sit and wait with Him.

I didn’t have to wait long as I heard Him speak to my heart – “This is the review of the preview.” Okay then! What does that really mean?

According to dictionary.cambridge.org “review (think again) – to think or talk about something again, in order to make changes to it or to make a decision about it.” And from dictionary.com (verb) to go over (lessons, studies, work, etc.) in review. To view, look at, or look over again.”

Preview, according to dictionary.cambridge.org is “an opportunity to see something such as a movie or collection of works of art before it is shown to the public…”

People who are visionary or who have seer-type giftings often SEE things in the spiritual realm sometimes long before what they see will manifest in the natural.

I believe this word was for me personally, but also for those in the Body of Christ who have seen things in the spiritual realm that have not yet manifested in the natural realm.

The Lord has shown many of His faithful ones things that are to come in many different spheres of influence. He has given the preview of what is to come for certain individuals, families and family situations, business, government, in the local church as well as the ecclesia (church universal), arts and entertainment, media, financial and educational institutions, etc.

I believe the Lord is saying to those who have seen things in the spiritual realm that have not yet manifested in the natural/physical realm to REVIEW the PREVIEW! Look again! Review the things He has revealed in the secret place and make that decision to partner with Him in prayer and release the declarations and decrees that He shows you to speak out. He’s given the PREVIEW to those in the secret place before He shows the “public” what HE is about to do!

The King of all kings has invited you to a private viewing, a private preview, of what He is about to do in many different circumstances. Now it’s time to REVIEW the PREVIEW before He makes it public!

Amos 3:7 AMPC – “Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets.”