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Revival Geysers – A Word by Deanna Hubbell


Last week as we traveled through St Louis, we saw what looked like a huge geyser shooting water hundreds of feet into the air. It may have been a water leak from a busted pipe. We didn’t stop to gather information. The geyser was close to the arch, The Gateway to the West. I would not have remembered the geyser by the arch, except a few days later, I saw an explosive geyser in a vision. I was puzzled for some time, so I asked the Lord to show me what he wanted me to learn from the picture of the geyser. I began to research what happens under the surface before it has the explosive eruption to the top. Who is really interested in what goes on in the surface of anything? We are so focused on what the natural eye can see and the way it appears above the surface. I asked the Lord to give me a word picture of the geyser from the Bible. I couldn’t write a prophetic blog on the process of what happens under the surface of a geyser, right? There may be several verses that could apply, but the one I was led to was James 1 in the Message version.

“Consider it a sheer gift when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you may become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.” James 1:2-4

There were a few different ways to describe the process under the surface. Such is life, our stories are all unique, in the ways we become who we are as a person. To make it really simple, for a geyser to erupt, there needs to be a cool water source, a heat source, a plumbing system or a void to hold the water, and pressure. I picture the void that holds the water like the spirit part of our lives. The little streams of cool water are like the things we allow into the spirit part. The heat source on the bottom, creating steam, is like the Holy Spirit. When the cool water meets the steam from the bottom, it begins to create pressure from the weight. When the deep water becomes hot enough, the frustrated water explodes into steam in an enormous expansion of volume. There is an explosion because steam occupies 1,600 times more space as the original space of water. The Lord showed me so clearly, this is a season in which the things we allowed into our ‘void’ will be exploded to the top of the surface for everything to be exposed. Many have been faithful under the pressure and have been asking when they will see manifestation of their faith.

“Don’t be intimidated. Eventually everything is going to be out in the open, and everyone will know how things really are. So don’t hesitate to go public now. Don’t be bluffed into silence by the threats of the bullies. There’s nothing they can do to your soul, your core being. Save your fear for God, who holds your entire life in his hands.” Matthew 10:26-28

Those who operate in the prophetic sometimes get to see what the process is like under the surface in people’s lives. The test in your own life is how you steward and handle the revelation you have received about those people. Almost all of my blogs have been to, first, show me something about my own life. When I experience it, then I am able to own it and share my testimony of the process. I find myself not wanting to share certain weaknesses I have seen in myself. We can all make ourselves look better than we really are, as well. Recently, I had several revelations about someone who has hurt me many times over and over. They continue to try to scare me into submission to what they want me to do. As I sit here, pondering everything, I am not proud of the manner in which I handled most of the revelations I had about this person. I could use the information to bring a lot of destruction into their life. Before you sit there super spiritual and judge me, what would you do if it was someone who has continually hurt you without apology? The Lord is dealing with my heart and I can feel the pressure building up once again. I have been allowed to see the colors of someone, but am I any better if I cannot love through the hatefulness? What will my true colors look like when the pressure builds and explodes for everyone to see them?

“How blessed are those who wash their robes! The Tree of Life is theirs for good, and they’ll walk through the gates to the City.” Revelation 22:14

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I asked the Lord why I had to experience so many hard things in my life. On the surface, it may look like I had an easy life. When you are tempted to think that about others and become jealous of them, always remember, you couldn’t see what was going on beneath the surface. To those that have asked that question, I feel like the Lord wants to say to you, “I trusted you with the hard parts. I needed you to plow up the dry, rocky ground that had no living water flowing into that well or void. Without you accepting the assignment to plow the ground that was the hardest to plow. Maybe there was no one else willing to plow there for that one person. So, instead of thinking it was a curse to have to plow in the hard places, consider it a blessing.” I believe if you manage the hard parts with one person or one family, he will trust you with a city, then with a state, then with a nation, and finally the nations. You will become like the reformers that opened the gateway to the west, except it will be to the gateway of the kingdom. You will be the geyser with living water springing from within you. You will plow the dry ground in the hard places so the living water can fill their void. The Lord just showed me a revival of geysers all over the world…

“Come!” say the Spirit and the Bride. Whoever hears, echo, “Come!” All who will, come and drink, Drink freely of the Water of Life!” Revelation 22:17


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