Towina M. Jones is a Triumphant Kingdom Champion. She champions Christ, and as a result, wins in life. With authority and authenticity, Towina encourages, empowers, energizes, and equips others to live an elevated, liberated, and victorious Kingdom life, in and through, Christ. She is the Founder of Torch of Victory Worldwide Ministries. Towina is also the Global Director of International Coalition of Apostolic Intercessors (ICOAI), which was founded by Apostle Dr. Brenda W. Colbert.

Rich and Jubilant! – A Word by Towina M. Jones

Towina M. Jones

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A few days ago, I declared the words, rich and jubilant over a young man as a part of a birthday message to him. Immediately after I typed the words to him, Holy Spirit said to me, “YOU are rich and jubilant, Towina. Now YOU say it to yourself.“ I quickly obliged Him. Throughout the remainder of the week, He continued to whisper to me, “You are rich and jubilant, Towina.” I simply smiled, and agreed with Him each time. I mean, He always knows what He is talking about, right?! Absolutely He does! 

Fast forward to this evening, and this is what I sense Him impressing upon my heart for those who read and receive this: I make you rich, and I add no sorrow with it. Your ties to lack and sorrow are no more. I now bring prosperity to your soul in the very places where the enemy stole. It’s your time to sink into joy, and splash around in it unabashedly. Embrace the laughter and liberation that comes with living a lavish, limitless life secured by a loving Father. You are rich and jubilant! Riches belong to you unceasingly. Joy, happiness, and triumph, these are your unending portions, as you enter into My presence to be replenished over and over again, Beloved. Your riches are in Me. Your joy is in Me. Your happiness is in Me. Your triumph is in Me. Everything that you need is in Me! Hold fast to your trust in Me in the midst of every adversity. My blessings are upon your life. They can never be wiped out. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! The fullness of joy is knocking at your door. Let it in. Riches and honor are in your house. I put them there! Again I say, what I have bestowed upon you can never be wiped out! I call you MY OWN, and ABUNDANTLY RELEASE to you all that you need, and long for. I call you RICH. I call you JUBILANT. It is my good pleasure to bless you! OPULENCE! OPULENCE! OPULENCE! Receive what I have freely released unto you!

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