Elaine is the proverbial gal next door, down to earth, but heavenly minded. She is married to her best friend, Jonathan, and they live in rural Pennsylvania.

First and foremost, Elaine rests in and enjoys her position as a daughter of the Most High God! She is also a prophetic voice, servant-leader, and teacher in the Body of Christ and her heart is to see people understand their identity in Christ and to mature as the sons and daughters of God.

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Rolling Stones – A Word by Elaine Rice

Elaine Rice

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After the death and burial of Jesus, The Gospel of Mark gives us the account of Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome heading to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus.

Very early in the morning, on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb when the sun had risen. And they said among themselves, “Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?” But when they looked up, they saw that the stone had been rolled away—for it was very large. (Mark 16: 2-4 NKJV)

The question the women asked among themselves was highlighted to me: “Who will roll away the stone for us?”

I believe many in the Body of Christ have been asking the Lord a similar question. Lord, there seems to be so many obstacles in my path right now. Who will roll away the stone? Lord, it seems like this is an impossible situation – it’s too big for me handle. Who will roll away the stone? Lord, I’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing on this stone (situation) and it doesn’t seem to budge. Who will roll away the stone? Insert your own scenario… Lord, who will roll away the stone?

This reminded me of a vision I had years ago. There was a huge boulder, approximately 15’ in diameter in front of me. I was pushing and pushing with all my might on this boulder and of course, it wasn’t budging. My legs and arms were tired and sore from pushing on that stone. The drops of sweat were beaded up on my forehead. I was weary, but I kept pushing on that stone.

In this encounter with the Lord I asked, “Am I just wasting time here? Is this really working? I don’t seem to be seeing any measurable results.”

I got quiet to hear His answer and this is what I heard: “No, My friend, you are not wasting your time – Look!”

Jesus motions me to step back towards Him… then points beyond the boulder. Just a little farther and this boulder is going to roll right into a crevice, and it will become the bridge to get to the other side – a stepping stone to the other side.

I felt to go and push on the boulder again, renewed with hope and greater faith that the boulder would indeed slide right into that crevice and make a stepping stone to the other side. As I began to push one more time, Jesus came up behind me and pushed with me. HE rolled away the stone!

I sense the Spirit of the Lord saying to those who have been pushing in prayer for seemingly impossible situations that He is joining you for the final push. There will be many stones being rolled away in the month of April. A season of new beginnings and new opportunities.

It will also begin a season of the Lord resurrecting deep-seated dreams, visions, and prophetic words that have been dormant in many hearts. Dreams that some have never voiced except to the Lord. Be expectant and partner with Him to roll away the stone and allow those rolling stones to become the bridge to your next assignment or door of opportunity for the Kingdom of God!

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