Derrick Gates

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In an encounter today I was shown many strong horses, running wild and free almost dancing with excitement unbridled. I could see the fire in the eyes of these horses and oil dripping from the manes. The horses quickly came upon other horses that were captive and restrained with ropes walking in a mundane way in circles. These horses were anorexic and sick looking and lacked any kind of confidence. Even there manes were brittle and they had bald patches over there bodies. It was like they had forgotten that they were horses meant to run free. As the strong freedom horses frolicked around the enslaved horses, it gave them a level of empowerment to break free and run. As the enslaved horses assimilated into the tribe of strong freedom horses, they began to fill out with muscle and their coat became beautiful and glistened in the sun. God is saying to you today to stop serving dead works and to pull upon the enter wild one. God has empowered you to run unbridled towards your destiny. Don’t let dead works and dead religious systems stop you from reaching your God-given destiny. He has made you for greatness, he has made you a champion, he has formed you to run this race with confidence. You have received power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Don’t be silenced! Don’t be intimidated by the system! You have value as a son and as a daughter. Stand up, square your shoulders, and Break Free, become a wild one, become who God has designed be before the foundations of the earth.

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