Season of Abundance – A word by Aretha Cross

Aretha Cross


Aretha Cross is a wife, and a mother of two young men. Aretha is actively involved at her home church in Orlando, FL. She is a Bible study teacher, and prayer group leader. Aretha is honored to be a servant of God, and she loves to spread the Good News everywhere she goes. Her prayer is that these words of encouragement will edify the Body of Christ.

Are you sensing yet that you are in a new season? Are you sensing the newness and the abundance of My provision for you? My child, you have entered into a season that is exceedingly and abundantly beyond your imagination. I delight in blessing My children, and in making their dreams come true. The loud noise and warfare around you is evidence of the enemy’s camp getting a whiff of the scent of your pending breakthrough. So, don’t be intimidated to stop dreaming and stop being hopeful as a result of the minacious sound of the roaring lion around you. I am the Lion of Judah, and My roar will always muzzle the roar of the impostorous roaring lion that lurks around you. My roar causes the counterfeit to retreat, and it causes your breakthroughs to come forth. Your breakthrough is called abundance. Abundance is a very large quantity of something. My abundant healing, My abundant peace, My abundant provision, My abundant gifts and anointing, My abundant blessings, and My abundant life are flowing to you, and breaking through in deliverance of any yoke of bondage in your life. The drought is over for My children who have been in a wilderness season. I will rain on their parched land, and cause streams of My living water to burst forth from their dry ground. My fountain of life will rain abundance over your circumstances, your health, your marriage, your children, your ministry, your finances, and your career. You will sense the wind of My Breath of Life revive and awaken My purposes within you. It will start to happen suddenly; like a mighty rushing wind, and it will fill your entire atmosphere. It will spread like a wildfire to those around you, and My name will be lifted high. This is your season of abundance, and My goodness is running after you!

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