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Prophetic Insight

Barbie Breathitt: Seers Give Evidence of God

Seers Give Evidence of God by Barbie Breathitt



Seers are observers of the Father’s recorded script or video that shows and tells of His powerful demonstrations in the invisible realm. They see what God is doing; they follow what He is doing; and they bring it forth into manifestation. Seers are witnesses to the power and glory of divine reality. They demonstrate God’s presence so that people can see His loving-kindness manifested through the miraculous. Seers demonstrate God’s presence in their everyday lives and in the marketplace in order to touch, heal, and deliver those with whom they come into contact. Through seers, we see God heal in a practical application. Whenever they see a need, they fill it with the presence of God.

Seers see into the depths of the Spirit, yet gaze beyond “nothingness” to give evidence of God. God did not create a world, set it in motion, and then step out of our existence.

God is still intricately connected and very much involved in creating dreams and hearing and answering prayers. Seers carry the silence of God in the area of perspective and into spiritual perception. God brings a heightened sensitivity to our spiritual perceptions by aligning them with our natural senses. God wants us to be able to see Him, perceive Him, and know what He is doing so that we are able to release it. God mirrors Himself in and through us as He steps into our reality, out of the invisible realm and into the natural realm, transforming it into the supernatural.

Seers reflect revelation to the outside world from the dimensions of God Himself. God is so magnificent that we can only take a small sliver of Him and begin to reveal it. Every one of us has a part in revealing the greatness of God. We each have a part in demonstrating God’s presence because we are one body. God is looking for a place to rest His head. He is the head. We are the body that the head comes to rest upon. When God finds His resting place on the shoulders of a body that operates in His authority, the body of Christ will rise up in powerful demonstration, following His lead.

Seers mirror God’s actions to give them entrance or manifestation, thus God’s presence is established on earth. Therefore, seers communicate as extensions of God’s limitlessness and His expansion. Seers are used by God to bring into existence what God brings out, displays, or reveals through the breathing in and out of the ebb and flow of the Spirit’s creativity.

Seers Interact with the Spirit Realm

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Seers interact with the spiritual realms of heavenly creatures, beasts, lights, winds, and a host of heavenly beings and angelic messengers. Seers have developed an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, who is the only true gateway or door to the spiritual realm. When believers enter the realm of the supernatural through Jesus, their youthfulness and strength are renewed like that of the eagle (see Eph. 4:23, Ps. 103:5).

The presence of the Living Word renews their minds. A literal physical and spiritual restoration process takes place in the presence of the anointing. They are given beauty for their ashes and words of restoration for the ashes of others (see Isa. 61:3). But when nonbelievers or those moving in the occult try to peer into or enter the realm of the Spirit without going through Jesus, they become weak and sickly and they die prematurely. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow” (see John 10:1-6). Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the sole gateway that leads to God, the Father, who alone grants eternal life.

Seers Primary Function

The Old Testament refers to seers with two words: ra’ah and chozeh. Both of these words indicate that the primary function of seers is to see the concealed realm, things that God shows them. Seers receive revelation knowledge through the invisible angelic realms of visions, trances, and dreams.

Seers are called to relate to God through the intimacy of faith, hope, and love. An atmosphere of peaceful meditation allows seers to enter into the spiritual perception of visionary sight. They are able to gaze into the invisible realms of glory and behold the beauty of the Lord, and so are you! David said it this way: One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in His temple (Ps. 27:4).

Beholding Jesus or “meditating upon His Word,” is the act that brings transformation to the heart and mind. For what we behold, we become (see Josh. 1:8, Rom. 12:2, and 2 Cor. 3:18). So let us gaze at the beautiful Son! Ra’ah means “to look and see, as in a vision, to gaze, view, experience, look upon, behold, discern, or to perceive by the Spirit.” Chozeh means “to behold a vision, stargazer, or to gaze into the realm of the Spirit with approval and agreement, a prophet that sees, a seer.”

Seers receive revelation beforehand, as they wait upon the Lord’s powerful, manifested presence. Their revelations come through their ability to rest in the mystical realm of visions, dreams, pictures, lights, angelic messengers, and trances rather than simply receiving auditory impressions as the prophet.

I regularly experience this type of revelatory phenomenon. For me, it takes quiet times of worship, extended peace and solitude, meditation on His Word, and a hushed reflection on the presence of the Lord. Once I am able to still my mind, my spirit begins to release love toward God. When I feel His love moving on me, I begin to soak in an atmosphere of panoramic visions. The revelations I have received for my books, messages, and articles come through these quality alone times, resting in the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Barbie L. Breathitt Ph.D.
Breath of the Spirit Ministries

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