Prophetic Insight

Shaking, Stirring, And Making Some Noise!- A Word by Dana Jarvis


I feel such an excitement in my spirit as I can see such a flurry of
heavenly activity. I can hear thunderings from the Heavens and I know that
I know God is up to something big! The spirit of the Lord is upon me so
strongly to release these words as I hear his majestic voice speak.
“Oh you dry bones, hear my words. It is not over!
My word is going to shake up some things.
It will stir up the religious and those that have made their covenant with
the world. For those in the dry places, I am putting my royal robes upon
you. A new wind of my spirit is blowing upon you. You are going to stand to
your feet a mighty army. You shall march into the enemy’s camp and take it
all back. I am not done with you yet. Your best days are ahead of you
The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former.
You have not seen anything yet!
Divine connections are being made. Bone being joined to bone! Flesh
connections are being broken and divine connections are being made. It will
feed, it will strengthen, it will nourish the destiny in your life.
Religion can put everything in order, it can pray, it can shout and dance,
but it cannot bring my fire. Religion is the show that is the form of
godliness that denies the power thereof.
There is a new move of my spirit on the horizon. A fresh fire is falling
for those that hunger for more of me. They are no longer satisfied with a
fireless altar. I am your God that answers by fire! My wind is blowing
through the boneyards just like it did in Ezekiel’s midst.
I am shaking, stirring and making some noise!
Dead bones are coming to life. Dead marriages are coming to life. Dead
wombs are coming to life. Dead dreams are coming to life. I am blowing out
the debt, the worry and stress. I am blowing out the sickness. I am blowing
out the fear and unbelief. I am blowing out the works of darkness. My wind
will break the poverty and lack. It will usher in my joy and peace. It is
healing, restoring, resurrecting!”
I feel the Presence of God so strong upon me that if any of you reading
this need healing and deliverance, or just need the wind of God to blow
upon you, lift your hands up right where you are and cry out, “Lord send
the wind! Lord, send your fire!”
I hear the shaking, the stirring and the noise from the Heavens. It
vibrates every fiber of my being! Our King is doing a new thing, mighty
Dana Jarvis

A Word by Joel Yount

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