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Similar Season, Different Outcome- A Word by Joe Joe Dawson


Recently the Lord has been speaking to me about similar seasons with
totally different outcomes. In the natural, we have 4 different seasons and
often many people will assume that this winter will be just like last
winter. People assume their summer next year will be like their summer this
year or that next year will be just like last year. But it’s not like that.
Every season will be different from the previous one, even though they are

You may be experiencing a season right now that looks like other seasons
you’ve walked through before, but you need to expect a different outcome.
Expect things to turn out differently than they did before! Expect the
outcome to be in your favor because God is turning things around for you.
Many times people will start moving forward with what God has promised them
and called them to do and then they will encounter a similar situation or
circumstance that they’ve been through in the past and they’ll stop and
quit! Don’t let a similar situation or circumstance keep you from moving
forward. Do not quit, because I’m telling you my friends, this season may
be similar but the outcome will be different!

I was recently speaking with a man at a conference I was ministering at. He
was telling me about 4 different businesses he had launched and each of
them immediately took off. But after two years, in each business, something
would happen and they would have to close down. He shared with me that they
had launched a 5th business and they were hitting that two-year mark and
feeling like they were going to have to close down again. I prayed with him
for his business and we believed together that even though the business was
in a similar season that there would be a different outcome. Months later,
I was back in their city and I spoke with them and they were celebrating
year 3 in their business. They hit a plateau and some obstacles that they
had experienced with their other businesses, but this time they pushed
through and their business was thriving.

You may feel like you are going around the same mountain over and over and
over again, but this time things will be different. Psalm 97:5 says,
“Mountains melt like wax in the presence of the Lord.” Invite the Holy
Spirit into whatever you are facing, whatever season you are in and
determine, “I am not going around this mountain anymore!” Many of you have
been doing the same thing, season after season, with the same results.
Instead of going around the same mountain over and over again, you need to
start speaking to that mountain and command it to melt like wax in the
presence of God.

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I was recently speaking with some other ministers and they were saying,
“You know how it is, it’s right after Thanksgiving and normally this time
of year we don’t get booked to minister anywhere.” I just responded back,
“Guys, I’m sorry but I’ve never been this booked this time of year as I am
right now.” I am traveling more in these last couple of weeks of the year
than I have before. Why? Because I declared that I will not have a dry
season and I will go anywhere the Lord wants to send me. I love spending
time with my family during the holidays but I also want to keep doing what
God has called me to do. Many times we will experience whatever we are
expecting. So my question to you today, my friends, is this, what are you
expecting? Are you expecting increase in your business? Are you expecting
financial breakthrough? Are you expecting restoration and healing to come
to your and your family? Whatever you are expecting, be encouraged, it is
going to happen and God is going to do everything He said He would do.
Remember, you may be in a similar season but expect and believe for a
different outcome!

Joe Joe Dawson

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