Prophetic Insight

Standing On The Edge Of Your Promise!- A Word by Dana Jarvis


Just one more river to cross, one more mountain to climb, just that one
more valley to walk through. One more battle with the enemy, but know that
you are coming through. His nail scarred hand is holding to you.
You are standing on the edge of your promise. Yet the river has a tide that
is menacing and makes it look impossible to cross. Step out for you will
walk on dry ground. Let not the billows drown you in doubt and fear. God is
taking you across to your promise. It is just over the hill, it is on the
other side of this raging river, the light is going to open up at the end
of this valley.
Keep your eyes on Jesus, the other side, and trust him to carry you through
to victory, this “one more river to cross” is going to be the greatest step
you ever took.
Dana Jarvis