Daneen Bottler

A couple years ago the Lord gave me a picture of a warrior in the midst of the whirlwinds of a fierce wintry blizzard. Snow was falling rapidly, the force of the icy wind was whipping about so hard, he thought he was going to fall over. He was pushing against the wind and trudging forward step by step, barely able to keep his balance. Visibility was practically zero and all he could see was his own hand that he held above his eyes to keep the snow out. He started to feel confused. He couldn’t tell if he was going in the right direction or not. He kept pushing forward even though it felt like he was going to fall over. And then all of the sudden in the midst of the raging storm, I saw the arm of the Lord extend out of heaven and then reach out and steady the warrior by his shoulders. As the Lord touched the warrior, the raging storm seemed to fade in the background. The wind was whipping and the snow was still falling but the warrior was steadied. Confusion lifted and He could see now where He was going. Just that one touch of the Lord’s hand brought him strength and confidence to stay the course and recall where he was and what direction he was headed in.

In this moment in time, the storms of the enemy feel like they are whipping furiously and raging hard against God’s people. While many started out crossing into the new season with great vision, for many the enemy has managed to cause confusion and loss of direction through the chaos and magnitude of winter storm conditions.

Today the Lord comes to steady you. He has placed His mighty hand on your shoulders giving you renewed confidence, tenacity and faith. Stay the course! Don’t give up! Be strengthened in the Lord today and be reminded that no matter how great the storm, He will always be there to lead you and guide you in perfect peace. You are almost to the otherside of the field. Lift up your head, feel His strength at your back, feel His joy infuse you with renewed strength to push through. He is infusing you with His supernatural power and you will breakthrough!

In Jesus name I prophesy and declare over you strength and hope in the Lord. I speak to the assignments of confusion, fear and doubt that they are cut off now in Jesus name and rendered powerless by His blood. No longer will the storm seem bigger. No longer will the people of God feel disoriented. I declare vision and sight to see even in the midst. Thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit whom you have given to us and who equips us with everything we need for every atmospheric condition we face. Let there now be a release of tenacious faith that has eyes too see the amazing things You have for us Lord. Let your people now feel your mighty hand with them leading them into breakthrough! In Jesus name, Amen!

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