Step into the Realm of the Spirit – A Word by Dr. Jack Campbell

Dr. Jack Campbell and his wife Erin live in Akron, Ohio; and have been in ministry for several decades at Mountain Moving Faith International.

After being in the Pastorate for 15 years, Dr. Jack has now been on the field for the past 10 years speaking in churches and conferences. Plus, received a special ordination back in 2012, moving Jack into the position in the Body of Christ as an Apostolic Prophet.

Dr. Jack being a seasoned minister and has moved into his senior years now, brings a lot of wisdom and understanding to the Remnant and Body of God. The message that is given on how to be a sign and a wonder as the Prophet Isaiah describes it, and doing the works of Jesus and greater as a manifested son of God as Paul describes, brings the anointing Dr. Jack carriers ever present to those in the Body of Christ at this time that is coming to know themselves, that they are part of the Remnant of God in these last days, and part of The Awakening that is ready to take place before our very eyes.

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Step into the Realm of the Spirit – A Word by Dr. Jack Campbell

Dr. Jack Campbell

Email: [email protected]

The Lord has been speaking to Dr. Jack and has been describing through this prophetic utterance some things we should know about.

“In the realm of the Spirit, the rain is beginning to fall and spread, and you shall see it’s results in the days ahead, even to the uttermost parts of the earth. So rejoice, for even as you declare and proclaim My Word, so it shall be in the midst of you for your time is at hand, saith the Lord.

For as you begin to come before me in worship, my Psalmist’s and Minstrel’s that stand before me in this hour of change, will in turn step into the realm of my Spirit, that I have desired all to flow in. So step in with them my people, for they go before you and because of my presence that they have caught hold of, there will begin to be such an Angelic Encounter manifesting in the earth’s sphere, that many won’t even believe there eyes – as signs, wonders, and miracles will no longer be a thing of the past, but unto you my people, will be a thing of the present; and those that have denied my works in the past, will no longer be able to deny my works, my presence, or  my people who have now learned to command the works of my hands, says the Lord.

For even as it has been before, my sounds from Heaven have always preceded my manifestations. From my Word spoken in Genesis to the creation, to my Prophet hearing, and the abundance of rain appearing, to the sound on the day of Pentecost and the people being filled with my Spirit and speaking with other tongues. Even now, it shall be and continue, until my Son’s return for His Bride, at the sound of the trump.

For manifestations of my Glory shall be seen and known to all. So rejoice, for my sounds are being released in this hour, the hour you have been waiting for; and know my people, as you hear from Heaven, great and mighty things will be seen and manifest through the hands of the sons of God here on the earth in the days ahead, as spoken of through the Apostle Paul for this last day move of my Spirit, saith the Lord.”

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