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Stirring In The Heavens – A Word by Joe Joe Dawson


Most evenings I stay up and spend extra time with the Lord just praying and waiting to hear from Him. During these times with the Lord, I often ask for encounters to come while I’m asleep. I will also ask that if the Lord gives me a prophetic dream that He will show me the interpretation. This is how the Lord speaks to me. It is different for everyone. But most mornings, right as I am starting to wake up but I am still asleep I hear the Lord very clearly. Why is that? I believe that the Lord speaks to us during those times because that is the time where our minds are the most clear.

Just a few mornings ago, as soon as I was coming out of sleep, just barely awake I had an encounter with the Lord. I could almost hear and see a stirring in the Heavens. Then I heard the Lord say, “Tell my children, there is a stirring in the Heavens on their behalf.” I was immediately excited and ready to share this word with the body of Christ.

Even while you are resting God is moving, positioning and working on your behalf. I tell people this all the time, God is moving more behind the scenes of your life than you could ever imagine. So many people stay up late at night, losing sleep because of worry and fret. There is a better way though, my friends. Go to bed and let God do what He does. The Lord is going to orchestrate the heavenly hosts and send His angels to go before you. No matter what situation you are facing you must always know God has your back and all of Heaven is behind you. God is always planning, moving and shaking to position you and those around you to help you succeed!

We must fully depend on God to bring about His purpose for our life. There is a stirring in the Heavens on behalf of the children of God. However, we must be careful not to develop a spiritual welfare mentality. God will not do everything for you. God is not our errand boy. But God will provide us with opportunities, wisdom and His favor to help us move forward.


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Just because the Lord is saying there is a stirring in the Heavens do not mean that it will not require some work and cooperating with the Lord. You are to do something. Whenever the Lord gives you a new assignment, a new plan or gives you instructions you will have to put it into action. God gives us supernatural words but it requires a natural response. If God wants you to work a certain job, it will require you to go and apply for that job. If God is calling you to start a business, there are natural steps that you will need to take to launch that business.

This word that God is moving and shaking and there is a stirring in the Heavens is not just a now word. This is a forever word. God is always moving on your behalf but everything God has called you to will require action. When God lead the children of Israel into the promised land, He gave them the land. But they still had to conquer it, defeat the giants and cultivate the land He had given them. The same is true for us. God will lead us into what He is giving us but we will have to position ourselves to take ownership of it. God will do His part but we must do ours.

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