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STIRRING UP DEEP WELLS – A Word by Yolanda Ballard


“Be still and know that I am your God.  Yahweh is My name…the great I AM.  I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.  Taste and see that I am good.  Come close to Me in the secret place that I have appointed and anointed for you alone.  Each has a special place in My heart for you to fill.  Draw close and rest.  Examine My heart for you.  Every aspect of My heart is full of My love for you alone.  If there were only you alone on this earth, I would have paid the ultimate price for you.

I love you even as much as I love my Son.  Can you fathom the amount of love that is?  It is as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky, as vast as the universe.  There is no limit to My love for you.  Bask in My love, drink deeply, dive in and even swim and get lost in My love.  Lose yourself in Me for I love you so much and delight when you spend time with Me.  I want to take you on adventures where I will touch multitudes through you.  I have so much I want to share with you and so much I want to do using you.

Taste and see the abundance of the riches of My wealth that I want to pour out upon you and through you I want to build My kingdom.   It is not just through building massive buildings to hold My people but to enable you to travel and build planting seeds, building orphanages, resting places to provide for those less fortunate.  Yes, I want you to touch others with My love to plant seeds using the funds I will give to you.

Let go and allow Me to live through you.  Be as the alabaster box, break open and allow the fragrance of My love to flow.  Once you arrive at this dimension of yieldedness there will be no limit as to how far My anointing and power can flow.  Yes, with greater works, signs, wonders, and miracles I will draw in the lost.  I will usher in the end time harvest through you. Do you realize the power of My love that is within you ready to gush out?  It is as powerful as the waterfall and it will escalate and sweep across the nation you dwell.  I am looking for those yielded vessels.  Yes, this is the hour I am pouring out My power says your Yah!”


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Father, stir up those deep wells, those waters that have become dormant.  Spring up, O well, deep within my soul, gush up and overflow!  You are my heart’s desire.  I stir up the deep within my heart for You.  Rekindle the fire of Your love within the heart of Your bride.  In Jesus name I pray.

Deep calls unto deep at the noise of thy waterfalls: All thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.  Psalm 42:7

Yolanda Ballard

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