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Spiritual Growth

Strategy to Adapt and Overcome – A Word by Julie Giordano

True success in life comes from the ability to adjust and realign to life’s trials and roadblocks. This strategy becomes most effective when you embrace the will to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Therefore, you will find peace in your victories when you learn how to respond to change with wisdom instead of reacting to change.

Adjusting and realigning is a process of…

Trusting God with your life prior to the storm;
Trusting God when the storm invades your world;
Applying the truth to your situation;
Standing on the Word of God and His promises;
Speaking life over your situation; and
Worshiping your way through the storm.

This requires you to listen to the Lord and apply what He reveals to you. Father God will adjust and realign you, so don’t wait until you have ALL the answers… just move when He says move and obey quickly.

If you feel that you can’t hear His voice – just continue to be faithful.

He is speaking. If you can just stay in the anointing… you will learn to hear His voice and discover His nature. Sometimes the silence can really be deafening but keep the faith and His peace will guide you.

In my experiences – the longer I lingered in worship, the enemy was silenced. And if I would stay there long enough, I could hear the Lord’s voice speak so clearly.

When the Enemy Raises the Bar on his Vengeance

I was saved in seventh grade, but after three years of growing in my faith, the abuse in my home began to intensify. The enemy raised the bar on his vengeance. In my distress, I believed that the enemy was too strong for me, but Father God came in like a mighty rushing wind.

He gave me wisdom;
He taught me personally how to live, and how to respond to major issues in my life;
He walked me through those issues;
He comforted me; and
He put demands on me to be strong, and to use my authority.

These tools and strategies are priceless. I can assure you they weren’t free, and they cost me dearly.
I had to learn how to use my tools and strategies, and so will you. You will have to learn how to use your new tools, strategies, authority, and revelation. It is a process of learning – again and again.
But when you get it… Father God gives you opportunities to gain success and victory; and these encounters create a platform to build your faith stronger and stronger.

Altar of Remembrance

I am forever thankful for the wealth of wisdom I learned along my journey. Especially, when I was fighting for my mind and I thought I couldn’t make it one more day. In those horrible teenage years, God and I built an “altar of remembrance” after every victory.

These victories empowered me to believe that I could always trust the Lord, and He would see me through.

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God’s grace is more than enough for you and His promises are true. If you keep the faith through every storm… you will encounter the true wealth of peace, joy, and wisdom that are deposited deep, deep within your soul… and no one can ever take them from you!!!

Addressing Issues on Purpose

We have to plan on purpose to conquer our weaknesses and to make better decisions.

Don’t let the enemy hold your weaknesses over your head – be willing to address your weaknesses on purpose and tear down every stronghold one by one.

“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before you. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.” Deuteronomy 28:7 (ESV)

This is called the process of life.
This is where the real battle is won.
This is going beyond “breakthroughs” and living a life of revelation.

Prophetic Prayer

I see that your desires are being renewed one by one, and the Lord is depositing a deep hunger in your spirit. A hunger to trust Him. You are becoming vulnerable before the Lord, and I see you allowing Him to teach you in this season how to adapt and overcome.

This is where your relationship is really being developed, and you’re becoming pliable in the presence of God. I encourage you to step up higher and choose to see from a different perspective. Let the Father mold you and stretch your faith.

I pray your desire for His presence becomes more valuable than your needs.
I encourage you to step out into the deep… and let Father God guide you as you learn to walk by faith and trust His nature.

Don’t over think it. Just trust Him.

Love and Prayers,
Julie G
Julie Giordano

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