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Angels are Calling Us to the Low Place ~ Wanda Alger

Our prophetic decrees in this hour must come from the low place. Angels are calling us to join them before God’s throne where every worshiper comes face down. Now is the time to humble ourselves in deeper worship as the precursor to our proclamations. I had an angelic encounter several...
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Julie Price: Word of the Week: (August 28-September 2) A Spirit Realm Quaking! Bondages Are Breaking!

I saw a tremendous shifting in the spirit realm as the result of a spiritual earthquake.   The earthquake was initiated by an army of angels making landfall, by order of the Holy Spirit, on behalf of the saints of God.  The shaking was so intense, it caused bondages to snap...
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How do we properly address regional strongholds? ~ Wanda Alger

"To attack principalities and powers over a geographic area is as useless as throwing hatchets at the moon and leaves you open to unforeseen and unperceived attacks." (John Paul Jackson) A powerful teaching by the late prophetic teacher, John Paul Jackson, addresses the problem with "tearing down principalities" in the spiritual realm (CLICK...
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