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It’s Time for a HOLY SPIRIT DEMONSTRATION ~ Wanda Alger

  The Lord showed me several months ago that immediately following the election, "...the snake would be seen." I sensed it would be this "manifestation" that would stir the church to greater prayer. Though many are now celebrating the outcome of the election, it has also revealed what has been hiding underneath...
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The Lord gave me this word for the east coast, and specifically for Pastors on the east coast. First of all, it’s time to pick up your dreams again. There are some of you pastoring churches and you’ve given up on the dreams you once had. You’ve settled and you’ve...
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What’s Missing in the Church?

I have been praying lately about what is missing in churches all across America. Many automatically try to say something spiritual like revival or another Great Awakening. However, what most picture revival to be like is far from what it actually is. Most think it's a few weeks of services...
Prophetic Insight

Wendy Christie: The Breakthrough To The Overflow, “Harvest Is Being Released Even Now, To My Son’s”

The Breakthrough To The Overflow, "Harvest Is Being Released Even Now, To My Son's" by Wendy M Christie There is shifting happening in the Atmosphere, BREAKTHROUGH IS HERE!!! HARVEST IS HERE! This is for those who God calls 'Son's'. And the Lord said, "The time is Here and the Time...