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A Christmas to Remember

It was unseasonably warm that year in December, but Christmas preparations were in full swing. We had a couple in our church who had recently left the Amish culture, and they were filled with excitement over Christmas during their new "English" life. It was only a few weeks before Christmas...
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Prepare for The Best Christmas Ever! — Linda Evans Shepherd

  Ah. It’s that time of year when steaming pumpkin and candy cane lattes come with your name hand-written on their paper-cup faces. Yes, it’s the season to be jolly, caffeinated and stressed. Those picture-perfect family gatherings or lack thereof, is enough to make any sane person feel like their life is...
2015 Archives

Prophesy Good News and Great Joy ~ Wanda Alger

This Christmas season has a Kairos purpose under heaven. I hear the Lord calling believers to pray and declare His heart as we come into this next season. In the last two years I have had repeated dreams about Christmas time and something taking place during this season. These past...
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