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I Have Plans for You

To my child who has been beaten and bruised, You are my prized possession. Many were jealous, because of the fingerprint of my love and favor upon you. When I designed my plans for you and gave you a dream full of hope and goodness, they hated you even more. Do not...
2016 Archives

An Open Vision & Rightly Interpreting the Signs ~ Wanda Alger

With all the prophetic signs manifesting in the natural realm (blood moons, weather patterns, media headlines, etc.), the question isn’t whether or not heaven is saying something, the question is if we know how to interpret them correctly.  Instead of interpreting them as signs of looming darkness and impending judgment,...
Prophetic Insight

A Prophetic Vision of Death Within Life – and Life in Death.

This morning the Lord began to reveal a vision of life... I see a vision of death, and life, and death yet again... This vision was a call for the believers to rise up and release the life within while they have their time upon the earth. The Lord is...
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