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2016 Archives

Miracles and the Master Plan

       For a period of time in my life, I would go to a local soup kitchen to pray and minister to people on a weekly basis. Sometimes my heart would break as I saw them come into this dark, dreary room to get a meal with their...
2015 Archives

“Wait Upon the Lord (With Video)” ~ Christine Williams

Blessed are those that sit at My feet continually waiting for Me to speak, saith the Lord. They rise early in the day in order to hear their Master’s voice call out loud to them. They wait upon the Lord. They are His servants in waiting. They are waiting for...
Prophetic Insight

A Prophetic Vision of Death Within Life – and Life in Death.

This morning the Lord began to reveal a vision of life... I see a vision of death, and life, and death yet again... This vision was a call for the believers to rise up and release the life within while they have their time upon the earth. The Lord is...
Prophetic Insight


 There are new strategies and ways I have chosen to bring My children, the chosen paths for each of you will be seen and noticed by each one. The pathway set before each of you is the pathway I have ordained you to walk in. My ways will become known...
Prophetic Insight

“Christ Wore A ‘War Skirt’ Made From Golden Swords”

   “Christ Wore A ‘War Skirt’ Made From Golden Swords” (February 3, 2015 (Visitation); February 27, 2015 (Published) “‘Not by might nor power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of Hosts” (Zechariah 4:6) Today, as I was waking up, I began to pray for the joy of the Lord...
Prophetic Insight

Apostolic Eagles Gather In The War Room

I call My Apostolic Warrior Prophets to arise. You are My eagles who have been in the cleft of the rock, and now you are renewed and refreshed. You have new feathers and your beak and your talons are sharp as a razor. I know that you are content to...
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