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Wayne Sutton: The Spirit of Prosperity? The Anointing To Gain Wealth?

Well here we go with another "prosperity message" from a "prosperity preacher"...  Yes!  I may ruffle a few feathers with this message - but it is time to do exactly that in the Kingdom of God!  Let me begin by saying that I do not believe all people are called...
Prophetic Insight

Julie Price: God Wants To Bless You ~ The Truth About Prosperity Will Set You Free!

When I first began writing for Spirit Fuel, I had just experienced what I call a "divine collision". Divine intervention would probably sound better, but it felt more like a collision, because it stopped me in my tracks and got me going in the right direction again. I had never...
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How to Breakthrough!

The Lord has been speaking to me today about His body. There are many who are stuck. Many who are out of place and not living the dream that God has placed in their heart. Many are struggling. Signs that you are struggling are depression, financial struggle, anxiety, church hopping, longing...