Spirit Fuel Invites You To Give An Offering Today

Do you enjoy Spirit Fuel? It takes a dedicated team to keep this ministry up and running. It is good soil to sow into! God bless you as you give right now in this special moment!


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“The All Consuming Peace Of God” thru Christine Williams

“The All Consuming Peace Of God” (May 28) Please Me this morning. Announce out loud that you love Me. Say boldly, “I love you, Lord, Amen.” Say it again, and delight My heart, mind, and senses. Be still in My presence. Breathe Me in, My Children. Smell My sweet, sweet...
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“The Fragrance Of Success” through Christine Williams

The Fragrance Of Success (May 11) As flowers give forth pollen, Mine now pour forth the truth of God upon the earth. Just as the bees and butterflies go from flower to flower to pollinate, Mine must share with their brothers, sisters, and all of the unsaved throughout the world....