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The Light of the Lord is Shining!

Step, by step you have been following Jesus up a high mountain of difficulties all alone. In the dense darkness on the ridge of this mountain, you have often cried, “why do I have to suffer so badly?”. Then the quiet voice of the spirit reminds you of the words...
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“I See The Seed Of Love Beginning To Spring Open” ~ Christine Williams

(July 26) When I look upon My earth, the anguish of My mind is soothed and erased as I gaze upon Mine now and forever. Instead of constant fear, anger, and anxiety within Mine, I see the Seed of Love beginning to spring open, bud, and blossom within them (see...
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July 12, “Love Them As I Love You (with Video)” ~ Christine Williams

"Love Them As I Love You" (July 12; with Video) My love is simple and beautiful. Mankind makes it complicated. First, know My unconditional love for you; and then give this love to all. Internalize and meditate on the miraculous power within this love: My love. See that My love,...