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Daughter of the King: No Ordinary Princess-PART 2

This is part 2. Click here for Part 1 As the princess received a tour of the palace with its many rooms filled with rare and beautiful treasures, she continued to ponder her earlier meeting with her Father. Her mind tried to grasp the reality of her new relationship with...
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Breathe the Breath of God, because He is Breathing Upon Us!

      To those who will believe. I will reveal the steps you are to take. I am opening the windows of Heaven over your house, your city and your state. Many have closed their doors to Me. Yet many have not. My people are here and there and...
Prophetic Insight

Julie Price: God Wants To Bless You ~ The Truth About Prosperity Will Set You Free!

When I first began writing for Spirit Fuel, I had just experienced what I call a "divine collision". Divine intervention would probably sound better, but it felt more like a collision, because it stopped me in my tracks and got me going in the right direction again. I had never...
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Stop Hiding ~ Start Living – A Prophetic Journey Through the Song of Solomon (Part One)

This prophetic journey through the Song of Solomon began unexpectedly one night as I lay down to rest.  I was thinking about Jesus and everything He was doing in my life; the inner healing I was experiencing, His love, and so on.  Suddenly I had a vision of Jesus.  He...