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“Enter My Spiritual Rest? (With Video)” ~ Christine Williams

(September 24) Was there, or is there a time in which I have left Mine completely alone? Have I ever said to them, “I don't need you any longer”? Because I live in all, all must edify and build up the others. Because I live within you, you are required...
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“I Need You Beside Me Every Morning” ~ With Video

(September 23) Let go of everything that you have been thinking about this morning, and rest within Me. As you realize that all else is temporary and soon forgotten, see your joy and peace within Christ. My Loves, come to Me daily for My Spiritual and physical rest. You must...
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“Rest In Me” ~ Christine Williams

“Rest In Me” (July 2) Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.   (Matthew 11:28; NKJV) When physically or spiritually exhausted, rest in Me. I am the one who refreshes and revitalizes you, Children, Amen. Whether you fall asleep or hear...
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“Write Down All That You See” ~ Jesus Creates His Vision Just For You (Part 1 of 3)

"Write Down All That You See" Close your eyes, Children. Rest quietly with Me, your Lord. Within your heart and mind, see a beautiful field of colorful flowers. Do you see a sky? What color is it? What color and fragrance are the flowers? Are there trees in the field?...
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“Very Soon My Voice Will Be Heard” thru Chris Williams

“Very Soon My Voice Will Be Heard” (June 17) Be blessed, My Beloveds; each day is a blessing. Begin today and every day with Me. Sit quietly with Me, and together we will practice My peace, tranquility, and comfort. Within this time, you learn how to become one with Me...
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“Deeper Than Deep” (from “Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children”)

“Deeper Than Deep” (June 15) Deeper than deep is where I want you. There, you are deep within Me and My protection, saith the Lord. Stay here, Children; stay here with Me. Stay within My Spirit all day. You need not be physically stationary, nor physically walking within My Spirit....
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“God’s Rest And The New Latter Day Rain” ~ Christine Williams

  “God’s Rest and The New Latter Day Rain” (January 18) Trust Me, Children; all things are within My control. I see all things, and move in your behalf now and forever. Daily, seize the opportunity to see My face and My presence before you. See Me as you are...