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The Holy Spirit Shall come Upon You! – Faith Marie Baczko

Having shifted into a new spiritual dynamic, one aligned with the present transitioning of a new presidential administration in the United States, it is imperative in all our service to the Lord and to His Kingdom interests, that His people now press in to receive understanding of His objectives for...
2016 Archives

“Go before Me and Prepare My Way!” by Faith Marie Baczko

As I was in prayer recently I heard the Lord make two distinct statements; the first was, “Go before Me and prepare My way.”  The second statement was, “I am coming to judge the Earth.”  As I pondered these two statements, I began to receive some understanding as to His...
2016 Archives

From Pentecost to Tabernacles – A Journey of Ever-Increasing Waves of His Glory! Faith Marie Baczko

With Shavuot, the Biblical Feast of Pentecost coming up on June 11th there is a heightened sense of expectancy of increasing measures of God’s Manifest Glory moving with purpose toward planet Earth. From the time that the door was first opened and the Spirit of God poured out on Israel...
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