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Do You Need to Hear a Clear Word from The Lord? ~ Wanda Alger

God is speaking and He’s not contradicting Himself. Are your spiritual ears open and ready to receive everything the Lord is saying or are there filters that are preventing you from hearing Him clearly? The Lord has been stressing to me this critical aspect of being able to clearly and...
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“We Become One As You Worship Me” ~ Christine Williams

Worship is more than praise and prayer. We must become one within worship. Worship is for both of us; it is for you and for Me. We become one as you worship Me; and through this worship you become strong. I am your strength and there is no separation between...
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“My Precious Ones” ~ Christine Williams

My Precious Ones, have a wonderful day today. Be blessed and comforted by Me. This day, you have come to Me, and indeed our time is so special. I am always grateful and in great joy as we share our morning together. My Beloved Children, hear and see Me within...
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“As We Sit Quietly” ~ Christine Williams

This is the blessed day of our Lord, Amen. (Chris) Daily, no matter where you are or what you are doing, seek My presence and come to Me. I am always with you. But, your faith is multiplied as you seek Me and find Me. Each morning brings delight and...