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2016 Archives

Hide Yourself in Me

This is a word to the new and upcoming prophetic people, who may be battling against fear and opposition. "As you walk down this new trail and you come into the open space, hide yourself in me. I will be a cave of protection for you against those seeking to...
2016 Archives

Angels are Calling Us to the Low Place ~ Wanda Alger

Our prophetic decrees in this hour must come from the low place. Angels are calling us to join them before God’s throne where every worshiper comes face down. Now is the time to humble ourselves in deeper worship as the precursor to our proclamations. I had an angelic encounter several...
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Prophetic Dream: Solve 18 x 18

I had the following dream on July 8/9, 2015. In the dream, I am in a large, Costco-like store. I am wandering through the toy aisles looking for a gift for a friend’s son. Next, I am seated in a small office-size room with chairs along the walls. There are...
2015 Archives

The 997-Piece Puzzle

Right before Christmas this past year, a friend gave me a puzzle. She didn't know that growing up it was a tradition in our family to spend the holiday season working on a puzzle. It was out on a card table and anyone could pass by and spend whatever time...
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