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April showers bring May Flowers!

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that May shall be the month of unending grace! This May you will know the grace of God like never before. You will be transformed and amazed by His grace! This last month has been preparing you for where you are going....
Prophetic Insight


 You, the ones who have come and offered your life to Me, sing and rejoice. There is a maturing process coming into your life that will transform your life and transform your ministry. I am re-ordering your life, your thoughts, your ministry! Though some circumstances you have been through have...
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Love Without Borders, Life Without Limits

Old Testament - New Testament Bookends In 2009, the Lord book-ended a day for me with two passages from Scripture.  In the morning, He had me in the Old Testament: Joshua 1:10-15 So Joshua ordered the officers of the people: "Go through the camp and tell the people, 'Get your provisions...
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The 1-Question Test

The Holy Spirit has been hovering over a key, penetrating question. Let’s cooperate and explore what this question exposes and uproots. Consider your life from each of the following perspectives: Physically Economically Relationally Spiritually What makes you feel powerful?; strong?; secure?; safe?; satisfied?; certain?; comfortable?; comforted?; content?; accomplished?; fulfilled?; alive?...
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God’s ‘Love Language’

Agape Who? Agape.  Divine love that is completely unselfish and all-giving.  In a previous article, I shared that it really is possible to "grasp" this love, to truly experience it and to "be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God" (Ephesians 3:19).  After all, agape is who He IS and...
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Let the River Flow — Move in POWER

Chained in Expectations One day, many months ago, the lyrics "Open the floodgates of Heaven" just kept going through my head.  Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Lord break into the song and say, "I already have.  I've sent My Beloved Son and My Holy Spirit.  Now, (using the lyrics...
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Punching Balls & Steam Rollers

Grasp-able Love What in the world could be the topic of an article with such a weird title?  Would you believe "The Love of God"?  I know -- that was my question and reaction when someone began sharing a prophetic vision she had for me back in the summer of...
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Know Christ on Purpose!

I have shared before that one of the ways the Lord teaches me is by the use of acrostics. For over a year the Lord has been talking to me about “C-H-U-R-C-H.” This manifestation of His Body in the earth is to be visible by our “Celebrating the Hope of...
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