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Punching Balls & Steam Rollers

Grasp-able Love What in the world could be the topic of an article with such a weird title?  Would you believe "The Love of God"?  I know -- that was my question and reaction when someone began sharing a prophetic vision she had for me back in the summer of...
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Know Christ on Purpose!

I have shared before that one of the ways the Lord teaches me is by the use of acrostics. For over a year the Lord has been talking to me about “C-H-U-R-C-H.” This manifestation of His Body in the earth is to be visible by our “Celebrating the Hope of...
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R-E-S-T: A Labor of Love

I love how creative the Lord is in the ways He teaches me. His frequent use of an acrostic is a favorite of mine. I usually know when one is coming because I just keep hearing a word repeat over and over in my head and heart. At the beginning...
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My Glory Comes!

The Lord declares, My Glory comes to touch your anguish. It may cause you to flinch, but without My touch you cannot be healed. My Glory comes as a mirror to reflect and expose what is in your soul. You may be alarmed at the fissures and fractures you see, but...
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Desires, Dreams & White Walls

A Heart for Dreaming It's fascinating that the heart is the container of those desires the Lord wants to give us when we delight ourselves in Him, and it is also the place from which flow the springs of life (Psalm 37:4; Proverbs 4:23).  I have an incredible interest in...
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Prophetic Dream: Three Critters & The Coming Insect

I had an intriguing dream in the early hours of April 11, 2014. It has been a primary thing I have kept before the LORD for the past month – praying, fasting, and seeking meaning and implications. He unfolded insights bit-by-bit, and insured I did not miss its relevance as...
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Understanding “Unoffendability” as a Bridge Builder

Friends and Fellow Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, My heart has been stirred over the past several days as a result of someone highlighting to me that my testimony of "unoffendability" causes adverse reactions in others, sensing that I view myself as spiritually superior in some way. This is...
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