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2017: The Year of My Spirit ~ Wanda Alger

  I tell you that this is the year of My Spirit. This is the year when My Spirit calls to your spirit and your spirit calls to Mine. There is a longing in the ageless regions of eternity that is calling deep unto deep. That which has been hidden...
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“ARISE DEBORAH” Elaine Tavolacci

Enjoy this article from Elaine Tavolacci below. We encourage you to share this with your friends and family. Blessings, The Spirit Fuel Team P.S. Click Here To Visit Our Sister Website For Prophetic Resources > Elaine Tavolacci "ARISE DEBORAH" I am re-sending this word that I had received last year because I...
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SOARING TO UNIMAGINABLE HEIGHTS The Holy Spirit often speaks to me in parables, allegories, dreams and visions. Last night as I was reading the word, the Lord showed me something interesting. I saw a mother eagle hovering over her nest with her baby eaglet inside. Knowing that the eaglet came...
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