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   Today I say to you, “be not discouraged but only believe”. Many are the tribulations you will face in this world. This past season , many of you, your lives have has been paved with pain, troubles and sorrows. That is not to say you are not My children...
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“Ascending Into Heaven” (Transformation and Spiritual Ascension ~ Part 7)

“Through the white I can clearly see way off into the distance. It is like looking through a misty tunnel that gets narrower at the far end, the clear end. The light at that end of the tunnel is intense, but I can see through it intermittently. I know, however,...
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“I See New Jerusalem Forming In God’s Intense Light and Power” (Transformation and Spiritual Ascension ~ Part 5)

"...This morning I see New Jerusalem forming. I see gold anointing. Those within her, new Jerusalem, are so heavily anointed that she is and has become God’s continuous Light and anointing. God says, “As Christ is, so is She...” (July 3, 2015) Before reading the following, I suggest that you...
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“We Become One As You Worship Me” ~ Christine Williams

Worship is more than praise and prayer. We must become one within worship. Worship is for both of us; it is for you and for Me. We become one as you worship Me; and through this worship you become strong. I am your strength and there is no separation between...
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“Allow Me to Stand Between You and Our Enemy” ~ Christine Williams

Trust abounds, and at certain times in your life you are challenged in these things. Satan comes against Mine to present the tests. But the tests are against Me within you, and they are against your trust and faith in Me. Your faith in God is challenged, Amen Amen and...
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“My Rays Of Light Have Become God’s Glory” ~ Christine Williams

It was still dark as I looked out of my window this morning. As I sat looking forward to God’s sunrise, I heard God say: “Today is glorious. My rays of light have become a flood of glory. Each ray is a Child. As they come together within Me, My...
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“Ask Me, And I Will Answer As You Listen” (with Video) ~ Christine Williams

Trust Me to guide you and lead you into the days that are already contemplated and planned by Me. Mine fail to receive the very best because they continue to plan their own days. They rise each morning with plans that they have laid for themselves, and they fail to...
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